Automated Digital Risk Protection

What is Automated Digital Risk Protection?

As technology continues to evolve, online threats are bound to do the same. Data breaches are no longer your business’s only concern: Whether you have a website, app, or even just a business logo, they are all part of your digital assets, which are any digitally stored or accessed items that are valuable to your company.

While in-house IT teams and cybersecurity firms have offered digital risk protection (DRP) services for many years, emerging technologies have allowed for the automation of the once-tedious recovery process, bringing many benefits to businesses, their employees, and their customers, including capital preservation and the protection of personal information, leading to greater peace of mind.

Automated Digital Risk Protection uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning solutions to quickly monitor, detect, and address threats to a business’s digital assets. The use of automation in the DRP process maximizes protection by allowing for comprehensive, continuous threat monitoring and faster response times.

Why is Automation Necessary in Digital Risk Protection?

According to research conducted by tech giant IBM, 95% of security breaches are the result of human error. While staff training is certainly helpful, businesses need more powerful resources to combat today’s higher-level threats, which is where automation truly shines. 

There are three reasons why companies should employ automated digital risk protection:

1. Continuous monitoring

It’s not humanly possible for one person (or even a team of people) to constantly monitor the entire internet for fraudulent activity. Automation, though, makes comprehensive and continuous monitoring possible. AI-driven technologies can monitor the web 24 hours a day to catch threats as they emerge.

2. Response timeliness

Quick responses to fraudulent activity or security breaches reduce the damage bad actors can cause. Because automated digital risk protection uses automatically-initiated and pre-defined criteria, the mean time-to-response with automated solutions is 60 seconds, and takedown takes no more than two minutes on average. Such levels of acceleration can save your business’s budget and reputation.

3. Broad protection

It may not be feasible for a team to work around the clock to monitor threats across domains, app stores, social media, and the dark web without becoming overwhelmed, but automation makes broad protection a breeze. Security from all angles fortifies your business and brand, making it less penetrable by scammers.

How Does Bolster Offer Automation for Digital Risk Protection?

While many businesses play defense regarding DRP, Bolster puts the power back in your team’s hands. Our automated digital risk protection platform provides a single solution for analyzing, detecting, and taking down fraudulent use of your business material. From websites and social media profiles to domains, logos, apps, and even the dark web, Bolster’s 360-degree intelligent algorithm finds it all.

With no harm to your business’s hardware or network, Bolster gives companies immediate visibility to see the digital threats facing their company, including phishing and brand infringement. Triggered by pre-defined criteria, the platform automatically starts the work of remediation, counteracting threats without human intervention, and restoring your business’s equilibrium without disruption.

To see Bolster’s automated digital risk protection platform in action, request a free demo today.