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Industry-First LLM Detection and Takedown Automation

Bolster AI Difference

Large structured datasets and near-perfect AI models deliver online threat detection and response with unparalleled speed, scale, and accuracy.


Using AI to Detect Threats Since 2019

AI is in our DNA. Since 2019, Bolster has been cleaning our data sets and fine tuning our models. Since then, our Ai models deliver unrivaled accuracy, speed, and scalability. Bolster is the only AI security platform leveraging LLMs and Computer Vision to detect and response in real-time to evolving online threats.

99.999% Accuracy

Trained on over 10 billion data points, Bolster offers unparalleled insights (precision, recall, and accuracy) into cybercriminal activity allowing for security teams to be unburdened by the false positives caused by manual or legacy detection.

Cutting-Edge AI

Bolster’s AI models analyze over 4 million websites each day, ensuring comprehensive coverage over web domains, and continuously monitors top social media platforms and over 800+ app stores to detect online threats wherever they may arise.

How Bolster LLMs and Computer Vision Works

Large Language Models

LLM models analyze vast amounts of text data to identify patterns, linguistic cues, and context indicative of fraudulent intent. With security prompts guided by our seasoned threat research team, these LLM models train on the evolving tactics used by attackers and recognize phishing and scam attempts in websites, emails, social media messages, and app stores and leverage RAG (retrieval augmented generation) to delivered automated, tailored takedowns.

Computer Vision

Computer vision allows for image and video processing and can identify visual cues commonly associated with phishing and scam activities (i.e. fake logos, misleading website interfaces, or deceptive content.) Bolster then trains large image datasets with models that scrutinize web pages, social media pages, and app stores for anomalies, recognizing patterns consistent with real-life fraudulent activities.

Near Perfect AI Models

Here at Bolster, we have a commitment to perfection in AI deployment. Unlike many counterparts, Bolster adheres to a rigorous standard, refraining from deploying AI models until they attain near-perfect precision, recall, and F1 scores. This meticulous approach ensures that the models excel in accurately detecting and combating phishing, scams, and impersonations online. By demanding the highest confidence scores trained on millions of data points, Bolster sets the benchmark for AI detection and response.

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Bolster vs.The Comopetition

How Bolster AI Stacks Up Against the Competition?

Unmatched Detection Powered by AI

Bolster’s detection capabilities are unmatched when it comes to speed. Leveraging artificial intelligence models with near-perfect precision, recall, and F1, Bolster can automatically identify phishing and scam content to understand true intent and brand infringement in less than 300 milliseconds – all with the highest accuracy rate.

A.I. Methodology

150 TeraBytes Structured Data

6 Years Model Fine-Tuning

Computer Vision


Large Language Models

GLUE NLP Score 84.7

Precision, Recall, F1 Scores = 1

Patented Detection Engine Built for Internet Scale

Bolster’s detection engine is powered by a headless browser infrastructure, a robust clustering and load balancing backbone, and the ability to analyze over 4 million records simultaneously.

Every record is analyzed for:

Content Type Analyzed :

On-Page Screenshot


Document Object Model


Indicators of Compromise

Threat Intelligence Data

Redirects (up to 32)

Image or Text Variations

Accurate Identification with Threat Attribution and Modeling

By analyzing signals from both machine learning models and proprietary threat intelligence data, Bolster’s verdicts are based on comprehensive information with a false positive rate of 1 in 100,000 verdicts.

Bolster’s identifies threats with:

Threat Attribution And Modeling

Open-Source Threat Feeds

Proprietary Threat Feeds

Continuous Monitoring


Typosquat Monitoring

Bulkscan Sandboxing


Automated Takedown Process for Easy Remediation

Bolster delivers a fully automated takedown process for malicious activity online through API integrations and Large Language Models (LLMs). Without relying on user-driven controls or manual input, Bolster averages a takedown speed of 60 seconds.

Bolster’s automates takedowns on the following:


Domain Registries


18+ Social Media Platforms


800+ App Stores

Code Share Repositories

Forums & Blogs



Why AI Detection Matters

If you’re just focused on takedowns, the damage is already done.

The best way to prevent damage to customers and your organization is to reduce the time to detect a threat. However, threat detection today mostly requires manual analysis by humans, making detection times take days or weeks.

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What’s Your MTTD?

Bolster’s scalable and patented AI detection engine delivers industry-leading speed and accuracy, enabling the best mean time to response against phishing and scam attacks.



Records Analyzed by A.I. in a Full Browser Every Day



Malicious Records Taken Down in First 6 Hours of Going Live



False Positive Rate to Deliver the Highest Accuracy



Tool to Identify Malicious Typosquat Variants on the Web

Ready to get started?

Explore what Bolster AI can do for you and your business with a custom demo for your online business to understand existing online threats and how Bolster can take them down. Contact our sales team for pricing and packages today.


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