We believe that a safe internet is like clean water – a universal right.

Bolster builds AI/ML technology to protect regular citizens from bad actors on the internet. Your favorite brands from technology to eCommerce use our software to detect and takedown threats that might attack their customers, employees, or partners.

The scale of online scamming and abuse.

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Brand impersonation is a massive enterprise problem. Brand losses are forecasted to hit $400+ Billion in 2020. At the heart of this brand loss problem is a proliferation of scam, phishing, and counterfeit sites.

Research & Markets Report

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4.2 million scam sites came online in 2019, up 27% from 2018. While scammers continue to innovate and scale their efforts, the enterprise world is stuck using manual or human-based protection.

2019 State of Phishing and Online Counterfeiting Report

Pioneering a new way to prevent fraud on the internet.

Bolster the internet.

Bolster the internet.

Online fraud prevention has centered around community-powered blacklists for years. For a site to get on the list, a human had to look at it. As the internet and the scam sites on it continue to grow, we don’t think that human intervention is scalable.

We built a suite of computer vision, natural language processing, and deep learning models to mimic how a person looks at and categorizes a page. With 100ms verdicts and 1/100,000 false positives, our AI is faster and more accurate than a human.

With a focus on intelligent infrastructure, scalable deep learning, and elegant design, we constantly innovate on our technology – making it more accessible for engineers, easier to use for operations teams, and more extensible for the future of online fraud.

We’re working towards a safe internet for all.

Bolster for Good.

Bolster for Good.

It’s not just your favorite brands, who are targeted by fraud and phishing. Charities, non-profits, social benefit corporations, and schools are often targets as well. These organizations don’t always have the resources to combat scammers at scale.

To aid the world in the fight against online fraud, we will give our technology and services for-free or at-cost to any approved charity, non-profit, or social benefit corporations.

We’re working towards a carbon-neutral future.

Bolster the environment.

Bolster the environment.

Our office is almost entirely powered by renewable energy. But we know that isn’t enough to offset our carbon footprint. Commuting to work, traveling, and even lunch contribute to CO2 emissions.

As such, we commit to sequestering 16 tons of CO2 per employee / year. (# of tons that the average American produces in a year).

To achieve this goal, we plant 333 trees every time an employee joins Bolster.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values


We build trust across the internet. This starts with our relationships with our employees, customers, and partners.

Think Big

We strive for creative, diverse, and long-term solutions to big, impactful problems.

Mutual Respect

We believe in mutual respect for each other and each other’s ideas. Even if conversations run hot, respect is at the forefront.

Customer Success

When our customers are successful, we are successful.

Open Roles

Sales Engineer

Bolster is seeking a dedicated Sr. Sales Engineer with Cybersecurity experience. This is an opportunity to be an influential member of a high performing sales team at a fast-growing security start-up. As a Sr. Sales Engineer you will provide technical direction and business guidance to the regional sales team.

Regional Sales Manager

Bolster is seeking a passionate and motivated Regional Sales Manager with Cybersecurity experience. This is an opportunity to be an influential member of a high performing sales team at a fast-growing security start-up. As a Regional Sales Manager you’ll effectively cultivate customer relationships and drive new business in prospective accounts.