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About Us

The Leader in Anti-Phishing A.I.

Hi, we’re Bolster and we want to make the internet a safer place.We believe that the internet should be a place where individuals and businesses can safely connect, transact, and collaborate without feat of compromise or theft. Through our commitment to innovation and expertise, we strive to create products that not only delight our customers but stand up to the growing phishing and scam activities online.

Our Promise

Making the Internet a Safer Place

We realized that we cannot defeat bad actors with humans alone. Since 2019, we have invested in our A.I. technology – producing the largest structured phishing dataset in the industry to deliver the most accurate and real-time phishing verdict.

Founded by leaders in threat research and growing in both cybersecurity and A.I. expertise, we are dedicated to providing both innovation and delight to our customer. Our commitment to make the internet a safer place for people and businesses to connect, transact, and collaborate is our driving force – every single day.

Our Innovation

Bolster Did A.I. Before It Was Cool

Before A.I. became the big buzzword that it is today, Bolster invested in our A.I. technology because we knew it was the only way to respond to the growing cyberthreats online. At our core, we are an A.I. company that has been collecting data since 2019 and now we have the largest structured phishing dataset in the industry.Coupled with our vast expertise in threat intelligence and anti-phishing tools, we have trained our models to deliver near perfect precision, accuracy, and recall based on security prompts derived from real life use cases.

Whether it is our industry-first SecOps Copilot or the internet’s best-in-class free URL phishing scanner that is crowdsourcing intelligence from researchers around the world, Bolster is committed to developing the best models for phishing detection and remediation so everyone can enjoy a safer internet.

Our Community

Anti-Phishing for All

As part of our mission to make the internet a safer place, we are building a collaborate security community equipped with free security tools that can combat phishing threats online. By bringing together thousands of active security researchers committed to combating phishing attacks, Bolster aims to create a free platform that encourages collaboration, information exchange, and collective problem-solving. This community, named CheckPhish, will empower security professionals to learn from one another’s experiences and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving phishing landscape.

To empower this community, we need to equip researchers with the tools to combat phishing at no cost. CheckPhish offers free, open-source tools to its research community so everyone has access to anti-phishing resources. By making these innovative tools readily available for free, Bolster ensures that security researchers have the resources they need to effectively combat phishing attacks without any financial constraints. The CheckPhish community is open to everyone so we can all come together to make the internet a safer place.

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Our Values

Making a Real Difference

Similar to our technology, we expect the same from our people. Bolster is a high-performance culture and we support each other in reaching higher levels of achievement in accomplishing our mission to make the internet a safer place. This is what we expect of each other. Sometimes it is tough. We want people who can weather the storms with us. We want to make a real difference together. And we celebrate and have fun together.

Win with us

How We’re Awarded

We think we’re the best, but check out the organizations that agree with us!

Our Team

The Minds Behind Bolster

With a work hard, play hard mentality, the team at Bolster is collaborating every day to develop the best AI Security technology for our customers. What started as a simple idea from our founding duo in 2019, is now protecting businesses worldwide.

Open Roles

Join Our Team, and Know Your Work Matters

When you’re part of the product innovation that’s changing the cybersecurity landscape globally, your work really matters. Work with the team at Bolster for the chance to grow your career, along with the freedom to innovate and try new solutions. Be part of the fight against cyber threats and phishing scams.

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