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AI Defense Against Phishing & Impersonation

Phishing and impersonation attacks have gone multi-channel. Our mission is to stop these evolving attacks across all channels with near-perfect AI accuracy, protecting users from online scams and threats.

United against phishing

Our Mission for a Safer Internet

We believe that the internet should be a place where individuals and businesses can safely connect, transact, and collaborate without fear of compromise or theft. Through our commitment to innovation, we strive to create products that not only delight our customers but also eradicate the growing cyberthreats online.

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Our Values

Making a Real Difference

Similar to our technology, we expect the same from our people. Bolster is a high-performance culture and we support each other in reaching higher levels of achievement in accomplishing our mission to make the internet a safer place. This is what we expect of each other. Sometimes it is tough. We want people who can weather the storms with us. We want to make a real difference together. And we celebrate and have fun together.

The Beginning

How Bolster Was Started

The founders of Bolster identified a need for more intelligent way to detect and respond to the increasing sophistication of phishing and impersonation attacks. Today, over 100 organizations globally trust Bolster for multi-channel phishing protection.

Founders were leaders in Cisco Talos Threat Research Group, a premier global threat intelligence team.
Years of witnessing the surging phishing campaigns and no real-time detection, they realized there needed to be a better answer to the problem.
Developed an experimental tool to help researchers around the world to detect and combat phishing attacks
bs-our-time-line-2 is an overnight success with over 15,000 active monthly users from startups all the way to Fortune 500s
2017 - 2018
After listening to the plight of security researchers globally, the founders realized digital risk protection needed an AI-powered, LLM-automated solution that address the phishing problem in one consistent platform
Bolster was born to help protect organizations protect against online threats in a age of digital transformation