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Spot and Stop Typosquat Sites

Get typosquatting protection to prevent users from visiting malicious sites that mimic your organization’s brand

What is Typosquatting?

Typosquatting: The Rise of Lookalike Domains

Typosquatting, or otherwise known as URL or Domain Hijacking, is a form of attack that purposely misspells domains of well-known and legitimate websites. In this social engineering attack, users are tricked into visiting malicious lookalike sites to do a variety of activities such as turning over their login credentials, divulge financial information, or even download malware.

Users may accidentally type in the wrong URL, hence the ‘typo’ in typosquatting, or be misled by a phishing campaign that directs them to a malicious site. Either way, these lookalike domains are convincing and effective as they rely on human error and confusion.

Top Attack Types

Common Reasons for Typosquatting

Attackers leveraging typosquatting have various different motives. The most common attack types associated with typosquatting include phishing campaigns. Phishing typosquatters create realistic replicas of legitimate websites, tricking users into divulging their sensitive information. Other types include drive by downloads, search engine redirects, and extortions and scams.

Phishing Campaign

The most common reason why malicious actors employ typosquatting is to attempt to phish for sensitive information such as a user’s credentials or financial information. Oftentimes the user is sent a fraudulent message, whether over email or another channel, to visit a phishing site designed to mimic a legitimate brand. Unsuspecting users will turn over their information and now attackers can leverage these credentials to do a variety of activity such as log into critical systems and applications and steal corporate data.

Drive-by Downloads

While many attackers use typosquatting to trick users to give away their sensitive information, sometimes just visiting a site can allow for malware to be downloaded from the browser onto the user’s device. Sometimes the execution of the malware is user initiated, other times visiting the site can cause the malicious file to be executed.

Search Engine Redirects

Fraudsters can take advantage of redirects that confuse search engine results pages, or simply replace a legitimate URL with a fraudulent one. A URL redirect helps search engines find web content that may have moved. Fraudsters will leverage these redirects to attempt to confuse a search engine into falsely submitting a malicious URL for a legitimate one.

Extortion and Scams

An attacker may be motivated to leverage typosquatting to create a scam to sell fraudulent goods and services, extort the legitimate domain owner, commit advertisement or affiliate marketing fraud by stealing commission per click, and more. There are many ways typo squatters can gain monetarily by registering fake domains.

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A Market Threat

Typosquatting Leads to Huge Financial Loss

100 million

Malicious packages

600 million

User downloads

+$323 billion

Losses to Brands

$1.2 trillion

Fraudulent product & service transactions
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A Product That Works for You

Leverage Bolster’s Detection and Response to Fight Growing Typosquatting Attacks

No matter your industry or level of cybersecurity program maturity, there is a reliable digital risk protection platform to help you identify and destroy malicious threats, preempting hackers before they can act against you.

AI-Driven Real-Time Detection

Deep learning renders fraud verdicts within 100 milliseconds with a false positive rate of 1 in 100,000

Fully Automated, Zero Touch Takedown

Take down typosquat sites globally in as quickly as 2 minutes, 95% without human intervention

Continuous Lifecycle Monitoring

Track typosquat sites taken down. If they come back, our platform will immediately issue requests to take them offline
Get instant remediation and actionable insight

Get the Most of Your Typosquat Protection

Using an innovative combination of natural language processing, logo detection, computer vision, and deep learning, Bolster’s platform provides the fastest, most accurate detection and removal of malicious typosquatting.


Better Security

Bolster’s typosquatting protection ensures the fastest remediation in the industry, minimizing the risk of users falling victim to deceptive websites and enhancing overall security levels. With real-time detection of fake domains, phishing sites, scam sites, cryptojacking sites, and more, Bolster delivers protection in the matter of milliseconds.


Reduced Staff Burden

Automatically take down these malicious sites in the matter of minutes allows for significant reduction in staff burden, freeing up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives and lowering operational costs.


Coordinated Defense

Bolster’s alert system fosters cross-collaboration among teams by notifying relevant stakeholders promptly. This promotes a coordinated response to typosquatting threats, ensuring a comprehensive defense strategy.


Complete Visibility

With a beautifully designed dashboard, Bolster provides actionable insights into typosquatting activities, empowering organizations to proactively identify and address potential threats. The intuitive interface enhances decision-making capabilities, enabling users to take prompt and effective actions against typosquat attacks.

Customer Story

Our Customers Use Bolster to Protect Against Impersonation Attacks

Learn more about how Bolster is protecting customers from impersonations and fake accounts

I really like how Bolster uses their image recognition to detect phishing sites. They are amazing at surfacing threat intelligence, so that we can prioritize threats and take the right corrective action. On top of the technology, they offer a great customer support experience.
This product pays for itself. It was honestly the easiest and quickest renewal that I had this year because when you put pen to paper on Bolster’s ROI, it’s just a no brainer.
Bolster is one of the few security products where we get immediate visibility of counterfeit websites and more importantly, immediate response for takedowns. Their reporting and customer support are simply the best!
Bolster is very good. Domain security is a real thing and with Bolster, it definitely opened our eyes to anything that comes up. Now we know how much the attackers can do with certain information and simply track registered domains mimicking our brand.
My favorite thing about Bolster - I don't have to do a thing. No diverted employee time; no new hires; no setup; no admin. Plus there's full visibility into results and impact.

Ready to get started?

Explore what Bolster can do for you with a custom demo for your online business to understand existing online threats and how Bolster can take them down. Contact our sales team for pricing and packages today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Bolster’s innovative platform leverages natural language processing to analyze text content, logo detection techniques to identify brand-related elements, computer vision technology to analyze webpage visuals, and deep learning algorithms to detect patterns and anomalies. This combination allows for comprehensive detection of malicious typosquatting across multiple different online platforms.

Bolster combines the power of advanced technologies and machine learning models to continuously scan and analyze a vast number of domains in real-time. This proactive approach ensures that any instances of typosquatting are swiftly identified and flagged for further action, enabling the fastest and most accurate detection and removal of malicious typosquatting.

By providing the fastest detection and removal of malicious typosquatting, Bolster helps organizations protect their brand reputation, customer trust, and sensitive information. Swift action against typosquatting reduces the potential for financial loss, data breaches, and damage to the overall security posture of a company.

Yes, apart from its advanced detection capabilities, Bolster’s platform offers comprehensive reporting, detailed analytics, and actionable insights. These features enable organizations to track typosquatting trends, identify emerging threats, and take informed preventive measures.

To begin using Bolster’s innovative typosquatting protection, you can reach out to our team to request a demo. Our team will guide you through the platform’s capabilities, and help tailor the solution to meet your specific needs and use cases.

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