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The Rise of Lookalike Domains

Typosquatting, or otherwise known as URL or Domain Hijacking, is a form of attack that purposely misspells domains of well-known and legitimate websites. In this social engineering attack, users are tricked into visiting malicious lookalike sites to do a variety of activities such as turning over their login credentials, divulge financial information, or even download malware.

Users may accidentally type in the wrong URL, hence the ‘typo’ in typosquatting, or be misled by a phishing campaign that directs them to a malicious site. Either way, these lookalike domains are convincing and effective as they rely on human error and confusion.

Common Reasons for Typosquatting

Phishing Campaign

Phishing Campaign

The most common reason why malicious actors employ typosquatting is to attempt to phish for sensitive information such as a user’s credentials or financial information. Oftentimes the user is sent a fraudulent message, whether over email or another channel, to visit a phishing site designed to mimic a legitimate brand. Unsuspecting users will turn over their information and now attackers can leverage these credentials to do a variety of activity such as log into critical systems and applications and steal corporate data.

Drive-by Downloads

Drive-by Downloads

While many attackers use typosquatting to trick users to give away their sensitive information, sometimes just visiting a site can allow for malware to be downloaded from the browser onto the user’s device. Sometimes the execution of the malware is user initiated, other times visiting the site can cause the malicious file to be executed.

Search Engine Redirects

Search Engine Redirects

Fraudsters can take advantage of redirects that confuse search engine results pages, or simply replace a legitimate URL with a fraudulent one. A URL redirect helps search engines find web content that may have moved. Fraudsters will leverage these redirects to attempt to confuse a search engine into falsely submitting a malicious URL for a legitimate one.

Extortion and Scams

Extortion and Scams

An attacker may be motivated to leverage typosquatting to create a scam to sell fraudulent goods and services, extort the legitimate domain owner, commit advertisement or affiliate marketing fraud by stealing commission per click, and more. There are many ways typo squatters can gain monetarily by registering fake domains.

Typosquatting leads to large financial losses

4.2 million


+$323 billion

Losses to

$1.2 trillion

Fraudulent product &
service transactions

Legacy processes are typically reactive, relying on information security resources, manual procedures, and outdated tools to mitigate fraudulent activity

Leverage Bolster’s Detection and Response to Fight Growing Typosquatting Attacks

AI driven real time detection

AI-Driven Real-Time

Deep learning renders fraud verdicts within 100 milliseconds with a false positive rate of 1 in 100,000

AI driven real time detection

Zero-Touch Takedown

Take down phishing & scam sites globally in as quickly as 2 minutes, 95% without human intervention

AI driven real time detection


Track fraudelent sites taken down. if they come back, our platform will immediately issue requests to take them offline

AI driven real time detection

Rich Threat

Full dashboarding for fraud prevention, plus 20+ data points, including logo use, for review with brands & security teams


Beautifully designed to visualize your threat surface

Using an innovative combination of natural language processing, logo detection, computer vision, and deep learning, Bolster’s platform provides the fastest, most accurate detection and removal of malicious typosquatting. The intuitive and easy-to-use Bolster dashboard allows organizations to achieve:

  • Real-time detection of fake domains, phishing sites, scam sites, cryptojacking sites, and more in the matter of milliseconds
  • Automatically take down these malicious sites in the matter of minutes
  • Create automatic responses to different threats to help with cross-collaboration efforts
Threat Surface

Intuitive Methodology for Typosquatted Domains

Take down phishing & scam sites in minutes

Bolster dashboard graphs

Industry-leading Response
Times to TypoSquatting


Fraud detection



60 sec

Mean Time to Response

2 mins

Avg API based
takedown time


Without manual


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