Stop Fake Apps
from Faking Out Your Customers

Use Bolster for Rapid Detection and Takedown of App Store Infringements

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Fraudsters Target Your Apps to Defraud Your Company and Customers

Digital businesses rely on customer-facing apps as platforms for sales, support and customer experiences. Fraudsters and scammers recognize these apps as an opportunity to syphon from reputable online brands, defrauding business and customer. In some cases, it’s brand and trademark infringement with fraudsters engaging in unauthorized distribution of branded apps. In other cases, it’s fake apps or malware-laced apps aimed at stealing credentials. And in yet other cases, it’s scam sites, hosting fake or malicious apps. Whatever the case, the effects can be damaging and lasting to brand reputation and trust.

Detect and Take Down Fake Apps, Unauthorized Apps, Scam Sites Automatically

Scanning & Detection

Real-time detection of fake & malicious apps within 100 milliseconds with a false positive rate of 1 in 100,000.


Our system continuously monitors app stores & 3rd party sites to ensure that what gets removed stays removed.

Zero-Touch Takedowns

Remove malicious or fake apps globally in as quickly as 2 minutes, 95% without human intervention.

Rich Threat Intelligence
& Dashboard

Actionable intelligence & visualization tools makes it easy for brand, fraud & security teams to collaborate & take action

Bolster’s typosquatting solution identifies and monitors typosquat domains

AI-driven monitoring, detection & take down of fraudulent apps & scam sites

  • Monitor all major app stores & 3rd party app stores, 500+ in total
  • Apply deep learning & natural language processing to detect fake apps & brand infringements in real-time
  • Automatically take down fake apps, unauthorized apps, scam sites and monitor for reoccurrence

Fraud Prevention Platform

Unmatched detection & takedown capabilities keep your brand & business safe all the time.



Fraud detection



60 sec

Mean Time to Response (MTTR)


2 mins

Avg API based
takedown time


Without manual

6.5 sec

Submissions to global blacklists

Detect & remove unauthorized or fake apps, take down app-related scam sites

AI-driven smarts from detection to takedown

How It Works:

  1. .
    Monitor all major & 3rd party app stores for unauthorized distributions & fake apps
  2. .
    Detect app-related scam sites in real-time with detailed, actionable insights
  3. .
    Remove fake apps, stop unauthorized distribution & sale of branded apps
  4. .
    Use API & automated evidence-based submissions to hosting providers & registries to take down scam sites
  5. .
    Continuously monitor apps stores & Internet for re-emergence of unauthorized distributions, fake apps & scam sites

Site Takedowns in the first 24 hours


Takedown rate in the first 24 hours


Suspicious sites identified & monitored in 1st month


Number of hosting providers


Number of countries

Brand Protection at Global Scale

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"I have been very impressed with Bolster's speed and efficiency in detecting and removing fraudulent sites targeting Zoom's customers. The technology, analytics and support are world class and have enabled us to better protect the Zoom community against these threats."

Richard Farley

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