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Domain Monitoring and Automatic Takedowns

Domain Monitoring for Typosquat & Look-Alike Domains, Powered By Deep Learning

Improve your Domain Security

Continuous Domain Monitoring and Protection from Hackers

In a world where websites are the face of your business, it is crucial to have constant visibility and control over your domain. Unfortunately, various threat actors pose significant risks to business domains. Cybercriminals carry out phishing attacks and domain hijacking to exploit weaknesses and compromise valuable domain assets.

At any one time, your business could have as many as 12,000+ typosquat variants on the internet. You need a tool that deciphers between threat levels, and removes malicious domains before damage is done. That’s where Bolster Domain Monitoring and Takedown software comes in.

Leading Technology

Don’t Let Domain Threats Wreak Havoc With Bolster’s AI-Driven Domain Monitoring & Automated Takedowns

With Bolster’s Domain Protection technology, you can take back control of your business domains. The root of our technology is our in-house machine learning tool, constantly growing and adapting to new threats and attack vectors to better protect your business domains.

Our technology:


Identifies threats quickly

The Bolster platform’s AI-driven detection identifies look-alike and typosquat domains, fake sites, and phishing and scam activity, exponentially faster (and more accurately) than manpowered teams.


Utilizes smart technology

Based on your budget for defensive domain acquisitions, we will suggest which domains to purchase, and which you can ignore.


Leaves no stone unturned

Bolster’s monitoring technology scans the entire web, and is the most expansive on the market with over 1 Billion URLs scanned to date.


Proactively identifies

Our AI-powered database generates possible typosquat variants for you, keeping you ahead of hackers looking to register new variants.

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The best in your corner

Performance Metrics You Can Count On

With the industry-best domain protection solution, you can trust that Bolster will effectively defend against all domain threats and protect the integrity of your business domains.

99.999% Accurate

We accurately detect malicious intent 99.999% of the time.

3+ Million

Our domain monitoring scans collect data on over 3 million sites every day.

10+ Billion

Our takedown technology has over 10 Billion threat node graph relationships.


Bolster is actively monitoring over 1500 top-level domains (TLDs).
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Bolster your digital risk protection program and learn more about industry trends and managing threats.

A Product That Works for You

Navigate Evolving Threats With Trusted Domain Protection

Own Your Brand Reputation

Your website is an important tool for your business to promote your products and services, and distribute information to your audience. With Bolster's domain monitoring, you can confidently operate without fake versions of your site wreaking havoc, even if you have a easily-misspelt or replicable url.

Don’t Waste Time Deciphering Threat Levels

We know it’s not reasonable to purchase, or monitor, the thousands of potential variants of your domain on the web. That’s why our domain protection tool suggests critical domains to purchase, and groups domains into lifecycle stages so you only need to focus on current threats.

Scale Your Business Without Accumulating Risk

With Bolster domain monitoring, there’s no need for additional cybersecurity staff or monitoring tools as your business grows. Our product grows with you, and can scale to monitor more domains as your business acquires, expands, and adapts.
See Program Improvements

Ensure Your Domain Protection Strategy Leaves No Threat Undetected

With Bolster detection and takedown technology, malicious domains and website phishing attacks will be a thing of the past.


AI-Driven Detection of Your Branded Assets

Detect domain threats across the entire risk lifecycle, including look-alike domains & fake sites across 1000+ legacy & new gTLDs & ccTLDs.


Continuously Monitor for Malicious Intent

Monitor active & passive DNS, zone & WHOIS files & SSL certificates & logs to identify changes to threat landscape, no matter the time of day.


Conduct Automatic Takedowns

Based on tier selected, perform automatic zero-touch takedowns removing malicious sites globally in as little as 2 minutes.


Rich Threat Intelligence & Monitoring Dashboard

Rich data and intuitive dashboards makes it easy for brand, fraud and security teams to collaborate and take action on identified threats.

A Look at the Technology

How the Bolster Automated Domain Monitoring Dashboard Works

Domain risk management is more than taking down fictitious domains. At Bolster, we identify like domains proactively, and monitor them throughout their lifecycle, all while presenting your threat data in easy-to-use dashboards.

A Look at the Technology

1. Detection data

Detailed, actionable breakdown displayed for each suspicious domain detected.

2. Customizable

Configurable widgets graph volume of look-alike domains and fake sites by IP address, TLD, geography & more.

3. Activity breakdown

See URL construction, TLD in use, registrant info, MX record detection & more.

4. Trend data

Real-time phishing & scam detection reveals risk level & trending status.

5. Scan visibility

Click to view detailed scan results based on natural language processing & computer vision.
Customer Story

Our Customers Use Bolster to Deliver Unparalleled Domain Protection

Learn more about how Bolster’s Domain Monitoring is protecting customers from phishing sites, scam content, and other online attacks.

Bolster is one of the few security products where we get immediate visibility of counterfeit websites and more importantly, immediate response for takedowns. Their reporting and customer support are simply the best!
Bolster is very good. Domain security is a real thing and with Bolster, it definitely opened our eyes to anything that comes up. Now we know how much the attackers can do with certain information and simply track registered domains mimicking our brand.
I really like how Bolster uses their image recognition to detect phishing sites. They are amazing at surfacing threat intelligence, so that we can prioritize threats and take the right corrective action. On top of the technology, they offer a great customer support experience.
My favorite thing about Bolster - I don't have to do a thing. No diverted employee time; no new hires; no setup; no admin. Plus there's full visibility into results and impact.

Ready to get started?

Explore what Bolster can do for you with a custom demo for your online business to understand existing online threats and how Bolster can take them down. Contact our sales team for pricing and packages today.


Get 24/7 Support

Our global team of highly skilled SOC experts work around the clock to provide high-quality assistance.

Start Your Integration

Self-guided documentation gives you step-by-step support to quick integrations or issue resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Domain monitoring is a proactive process of actively monitoring and tracking the status and activities related to a business domain name. Domain monitoring involves keeping a vigilant eye on domain records, registrations, changes, and potential threats to identify and respond to any unauthorized activities promptly. Domain monitoring allows businesses to protect their online reputation, brand integrity, customer trust, and overall security in the digital landscape.

Business domains can be targeted by various threats, such as phishing attacks, domain hijacking, domain spoofing, and typosquatting. These threats aim to exploit vulnerabilities in domain security and deceive users, harness fake sales, redirect web traffic, steal sensitive information, or tarnish a brand’s reputation. By utilizing domain monitoring, businesses can detect and mitigate these risks promptly, ensuring the safety and reliability of their online presence.

Typosquatting is a cyber threat where attackers register domain names with variations or misspellings of popular websites or brands. The intention is to lure unsuspecting users who make typing errors when entering URLs, or don’t notice slight variations in a illegitimate URL. These deceptive domains can be used for various malicious activities, including phishing, malware distribution, or unauthorized data collection. Typosquatting is a form of online scamming that exploits user mistakes, making it essential for businesses to implement domain monitoring in order to identify threats to their customers and reputation.

Typosquat domains, also known as URL hijacking or typo squatting, pose a significant danger to businesses. These domains are created with intentionally misspelled variations of popular website addresses, targeting user typos or mistakes when entering URLs. Typosquat domains can redirect unsuspecting users to malicious websites, where their personal information can be compromised, or they can be subjected to phishing scams. Domain monitoring for typosquatting helps businesses identify and take action against such fraudulent domains, safeguarding their customers and maintaining their brand reputation.

Hackers register domains with misspelled brand names to lure visitors to fake websites. These misspelled or lookalike domains are known as typosquat domains. There are over 350 million domains across the internet. With a wide range of misspelled domains, one cannot manage them without AI or automation.

Bolster’s AI-based domain monitoring quickly generates an extensive set of typosquatting variations derived from your domain assets and determines the status of each. In the case of unregistered domains, Bolster’s Defensive Domain Acquisition service helps brands selectively purchase available typosquatting domains. Bolster’s technology determines different purchasing scenarios optimized for budget and risk.

Information security and marketing teams are the primary users of domain monitoring. Marketing teams are brand custodians, while information security teams are its vanguard. Both these teams leverage domain monitoring tools to secure the domains.

Bolster’s domain protection does an extensive scan to find fake domains and identify risks by analyzing if the domain is registered, the presence of a DNS A-record signaling web content, and a DNS mix record signaling email capabilities. After identifying the initial risk factors with this information, we monitor all typosquatting instances and create defensive domain acquisition advantages.

Intuitive dashboards help organizations monitor typosquatting domains proactively from registration to take down.

AI-driven detection helps find lookalike and fake domain sites. Bolster’s Domain Monitoring also apply AI to generate defensive domain acquisition strategies. Bolster AI also automatically generates thousands of typosquatting variations to create the first line of defense. The domain monitoring dashboard helps continuously monitor typosquatting domains.

Bolster’s Domain Monitoring use natural language processing, OCR, and image comparison to find hidden text and unknown threats.

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