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Bolster Patented AI Detection

Patented Detection Engine Powered by AI

Industry-leading AI detection leveraging large language models (LLMs) and computer visions to mimic how a person would look at, understand, and draw a verdict on a suspicious webpage, account, content, and more.


Fastest Mean-Time-To-Detect (MTTD) for Phishing and Scam Threats

Bolster AI has pioneered an Artificial Intelligence-based phishing and scam detection system before it became a buzzword. We learn from high quality proprietary datasets containing millions of image and text samples and performs AI detection with extremely high accuracy and speed.


10 Billion+

Threat Intelligence Data Points collected since 2017 to add the most comprehensive threat signals for detection and accuracy.


15 Models

Deep Learning models used for the highest confidence levels in detection of brand impersonations and scams.


25 Categories

Threat categories identified by fast image recognition algorithms like computer vision and natural language processing.


300 Milliseconds

Mean time to detect (MTTD) speed once content is rendered and analyzed by Bolster’s AI models - the fastest in the industry.

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Great Detection is Where the Battle is Won

Speedy detection and take down are critical to protecting your business, employees and consumers who spend money on your trusted brand.

From when a website or account is registered to when the content becomes malicious, Bolster’s AI detection is the first to spot a potential attack and then automate a takedown.


The risk of a security breach is directly correlated to the length by which an attack is live.


How Legacy Takedown Methods Directly Cause Financial Loss

Legacy online brand protection services that rely on blacklists of known bad sites and human analysis of suspected sites and human analysis of suspected sites cannot match Bolster’s speed, scale, and accuracy. Issues with jurisdiction, verification, and quality of reporting data are the reasons why most fraudulent or scam site removals take an average of 10 to 12 days without Bolster.

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Win with Fast and Accurate AI Detection

Bolster is the only phishing and scam AI detection platform that can respond in real time to the growing and rapid problem of phishing and scam activity across the open web, social media, app stores, and even the dark web. Unlike other vendors Bolster’s AI-powered detections can:

Better Security

Mimic a SOC Analysts’ Behavior

Better Security

Adapt to Change in Attacker Behavior

Better Security

300 Millisecond Mean-Time-To-Detection

Better Security

Highest Confidence Score for Brand Infringement

How it Works

1. Reading site intent with NLP

Natural language processing models not only read through a page how a person would, but also read through all of the site code to understand the intent of a site

Reading site intent with NLP

2. Recognizing violated brands with computer vision

Our computer vision models look through a page for all relevant objects (images, text, and images of text) to classify the brand that is being infringed and the nature of the infringement.

Reading site intent with NLP

3. Making a verdict using deep learning

Finally, deep learning models bring together all of the outputs from the NLP and CV models to come to a verdict. Our deep learning models deliver verdicts for all popular scam categories from phishing to financial scams to illicit content.

Reading site intent with NLP

Ready to get started?

Explore what Bolster AI can do for you with a custom demo for your online business to understand existing online threats and how Bolster can take them down. Contact our sales team for pricing and packages today.


Get 24/7 Support

Our global team of highly skilled SOC experts work around the clock to provide high-quality assistance.

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Self-guided documentation gives you step-by-step support to quick integrations or issue resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Automated AI detection technology refers to the use of advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify and flag fraudulent or malicious online activities automatically. It relies on data analysis, pattern recognition, and real-time monitoring to quickly identify potential threats and protect users from scams, phishing attempts, and other online fraud.

Detection speed is crucial because cyber threats evolve rapidly, and prompt detection can minimize the potential damage caused by fraudulent activities. By detecting and blocking malicious websites or scams in real-time, detection speed ensures that users are protected before they can fall victim to scams, have their personal information compromised, or suffer financial losses. The longer a fraudulent website or scam remains active and undetected, the more damage can occur to a business’s brand, financials, and consumer base.

An AI detection tool is superior to manual detection because it can analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns that are difficult for humans to spot. Automated AI detection tools work wirelessly and efficiently, providing real-time protection against evolving cyber threats. Manual detection, on the other hand, is time-consuming, prone to human error, and cannot match the speed and accuracy of automated systems.

Bolster’s AI detection technology stands out in the market for its advanced machine learning algorithms and comprehensive threat intelligence database. Bolster continuously analyzes millions of website to detect and block malicious URLs, phishing attacks, and counterfeit online activities. Its robust technology identifies new and emerging threats swiftly, ensuring that users are protected against the latest scams and fraud attempts.

When Bolster’s AI detection technology identifies a fraudulent website or scam activity, we act upon the threat based on the customer’s selected response strategy. Users can choose to be notified or threats when detected so their team can act internally, or Bolster can conduct automatic takedowns on their customer’s behalf. Threats don’t sleep when you sleep, so leaving your domain and brand unguarded can lead to costly takedown attempts. Bolster can conduct takedown of threats across the web, social media, and app stores.

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