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Automated Brand Protection Solution

Protect your branded assets and company data from digital threats, impersonation, and phishing attacks with Bolster’s industry-leading brand protection software.

Maintain your brand reputation

Guard Against Online Threats with a Powerful Brand Protection Software

Phishing attacks, brand impersonation, and compromised data wreak havoc on a company’s reputation, customer trust, and financial well-being.

Cybercriminals often exploit brand names and logos to deceive unsuspecting users through phishing emails, fake websites, and social media scams. These attacks can lead to financial loss for customers, damage to their personal information, and tarnish the reputation of your brand.

Bolster provides a brand protection solution to combat these attacks through our AI-based digital brand protection software. With intuitive technology that gives you access to more threat data than leading competitors, you can better protect your reputation and financial standing.

The Top Technology

Trusted Technology That’s a Step Ahead of Threats (and Competitors)

With Bolster’s leading brand protection software that detects threats and impersonations, you can stop searching and start proactively protecting your digital assets.

Our technology identifies and removes brand fraud in a way that’s customized to each customer’s unique threat needs.

Threat detection

Monitors typosquat variants across all TLDs in real-time

Search-engine protection

Monitors Google & Bing searches for phishing and sites and fraudulent search results


Maintains human intelligence and contextual clues when scanning for logos and brand asset usage

Actionable data

Provides geographic data on site and hosting providers to better defend against threats

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The competitive edge

The Speed & Accuracy You Need

When it comes to protecting your brand, don’t settle for anything but the best tool for detecting and taking down threats.

100 milliseconds

Our fraud detection technology reaches a threat verdict in 100ms.

99.999% accurate

Trust in our brand impersonation data with a proven 99.999% accuracy rate.

1500+ partners

Trust our network of over 1500 domain & hosting providers will conduct quick takedowns.

2 minutes

Our in-house API technology takes down brand impersonation threats in 2 minutes.
Explore more

Guides and Resources

Bolster your digital risk protection program and learn more about industry trends and managing threats.

A Product That Works for You

Take Back Control With Best-in-Class Brand Protection Software

Quickly detect fraudulent attacks

Gone are the days of guessing, or debating if a threat is real or detrimental enough to take down. With Bolster, you can trust fraudulent uses of your brand will be detected and removed.

Protect your branded assets across all avenues of attack

Bolster’s advanced brand protection software scans and monitors for threats across social media, web domains, app stores, and the dark web to ensure no threat goes undetected.

Trust evolving threats won’t stand a chance

As threat actors evolve and mature, so do we. Our in-house machine learning tool is constantly growing and learning to detect the latest trends, so our tool can work for your team for the long haul.
Prevent targeted threats

Maintain Your Reputation While Protecting Company Finances

Bolster’s brand protection software provides efficient and accurate fraud detection to help you secure your reputation as a strong business and reliable partner.


Fast detection backed by AI

Our detection engine uses deep learning to render a quick infringement verdict so threats don’t sit live longer than needed.


Full-automated, zero-touch takedowns

Our electronic integration with hosting companies allows us to conduct takedowns quickly and automatically to match your business needs.


Continuous monitoring across the threat lifecycle

Our detection engine conducts quick takedowns, and tracks removed domains for further activity. If a fraudulent site comes back online, our platform
immediately issues a request to take it offline.


Rich threat intelligence dashboard at your fingertips

With Bolster’s encompassing threat dashboard, customers have access to customizable reports, phishing and fraud datapoints, and logo misuse.

Customer Story

Our Customers Use Bolster to Protect Against Brand Impersonation Scams

See what our customers have to say about protecting their business from compromised account scams and impersonations.

Bolster is one of the few security products where we get immediate visibility of counterfeit websites and more importantly, immediate response for takedowns. Their reporting and customer support are simply the best!
This product pays for itself. It was honestly the easiest and quickest renewal that I had this year because when you put pen to paper on Bolster’s ROI, it’s just a no brainer.
Bolster is very good. Domain security is a real thing and with Bolster, it definitely opened our eyes to anything that comes up. Now we know how much the attackers can do with certain information and simply track registered domains mimicking our brand.
I really like how Bolster uses their image recognition to detect phishing sites. They are amazing at surfacing threat intelligence, so that we can prioritize threats and take the right corrective action. On top of the technology, they offer a great customer support experience.
My favorite thing about Bolster - I don't have to do a thing. No diverted employee time; no new hires; no setup; no admin. Plus there's full visibility into results and impact.

Ready to get started?

Explore what Bolster can do for you with a custom demo for your online business to understand existing online threats and how Bolster can take them down. Contact our sales team for pricing and packages today.


Get 24/7 Support

Our global team of highly skilled SOC experts work around the clock to provide high-quality assistance.

Start Your Integration

Self-guided documentation gives you step-by-step support to quick integrations or issue resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brand protection software refers to the measures taken by businesses to safeguard their brand and intellectual property (IP) rights against potential infringements, counterfeit, or misuse. These measures can include monitoring the market for counterfeit goods, enforcing IP rights, registering trademarks, and implementing protective technologies.

Brand protection software can also help organizations defend corporate assets and reputation through continuously monitoring, detecting, and takedown fraudulent websites and accounts created by cybercriminals. Please see more here:

An example of brand protection software is implementing an anti-counterfeit system. Anti-counterfeiting technologies could include physical security features, labeling technologies, and track-and-trace techniques to help safeguard the company’s products against illicit copying and distribution.

An example of **online brand protection** is the implementation of online brand monitoring and enforcement tools. These tools help businesses actively monitor the internet for unauthorized or infringing use of their brand name, trademarks, logos, or copyrighted content. By using advanced algorithms and machine learning technology, these tools can scan various online platforms, websites, social media networks, and marketplaces to detect instances of brand misuse or counterfeit products.

This allows businesses to take appropriate action, such as sending cease and desist notices, requesting takedowns, or pursuing legal action, to protect their brand’s reputation and intellectual property online. Online brand protection tools provide businesses with proactive measures to combat intellectual property infringement and unauthorized use of their brand in the digital space.

Some factors that can lead to needing brand protection software include the value of the brand in the marketplace, popularity, and market share, the competitive environment, the potential risks of infringement, and geographical conditions. For example, companies operating in markets with a high risk of counterfeiting or piracy may need to implement brand protection strategies to protect their brand’s reputation and prevent financial loss due to counterfeit or pirated goods.

The two major technical reasons for brand identity theft are TLD variations and weak security measures.

**TLD variations**

The availability of multiple domains with TLD Variations or terminal-level domains that go beyond .com, .net, .org, etc., are among the most prevalent reasons for brand impersonation. Additionally, dozens of spelling variations are available for every brand name. A lot of domain redirects happen because visitors overlook typos. Tracking, buying, or blocking every fake site is a cost and time-intensive exercise.

**Weak defense or technical barriers to cybersecurity**

In most cases, instances of brand impersonation like domain spoofing, unauthorized access to brand accounts, email accounts, and more happen due to weak security practices. Enterprises need to use tools that help them detect and reject unauthorized users.

Brand impersonation is a type of fraudulent activity where an individual or group creates a website, social media account, or email that poses as a legitimate brand or business to deceive consumers and gain access to their personal information or financial data. This can include phishing attacks, social engineering tactics, or using logos or trademarks unlawfully to deceive consumers. Brand impersonation attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and pose risks to brand reputation and financial loss.

The impacts of brand impersonation attacks can be severe and long-lasting. These attacks can lead to consumer confusion and loss of trust in the legitimate brand, financial loss, and data breaches leading to the compromise of sensitive information. In some cases, brand impersonation attacks can lead to legal and reputational damage in addition to the financial loss caused by the fraudulent activities. Businesses may have to deal with customer complaints, negative reviews, and legal expenses to protect their brand from such attacks.

Enterprises worldwide reel under the challenge of brand impersonation, suffering monetary and reputational damages. Brand loss is driven by a proliferation of scams and counterfeit sites.

Bolster’s brand protection software detects and takes down sites misusing your brand, including fake domains, third-party sites, unauthorized apps, and search engine results.

We use the most advanced AI technologies and automation to detect infringements in real-time to protect the sanctity of your brand identity.

Our brand protection solution offers unmatched accuracy and speed from detection to takedown, along with monitoring capabilities to ensure what gets taken down stays that way.

We offer solutions to protect your brand online with unmatched results. Our MTTR or mean time to response is just 60 sec. Our detection engine uses deep learning to render an infringement verdict within 100 milliseconds.

We provide fully-automated zero-touch takedown with electronic integration with hosting companies that allow us to take down more than 95% of phishing and scam sites in as little as 2 minutes globally. Our submission to the global blocklist is a record 6.5 sec.

We use advanced AI technologies to detect and do an internet-scale search to remove malicious sites impersonating your brand through fake domains, third-party sites, unauthorized apps, etc.

Our solutions combine NLP (natural language processing), logo detection, computer vision and deep learning.

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