Scam & Phishing Protection

Protect Against Phishing and Scam Attacks That Bypass Traditional Defenses

Phising and scam protection Phishing and scam protection

Phishing is the Most Successful
and Potent Attack Vector

Phishing and online scams sites using your brand are on the rise as criminals embrace the growth of digital commerce. The volume, scope, and sophistication of these attacks continue to outpace enterprise security teams, relying on detection and takedown mechanisms that are highly manual, and time and people intensive.

4.2 million


+$323 billion

Losses to

$1.2 trillion

Fraudulent product &
service transactions

Phishing and scam protection

Bolster’s phishing and scam protection solution changes the rules of the game with the industry’s most accurate detection and takedown of phishing and scam sites. Our zero-touch detection and takedown is an industry first and removes fraudulent sites in minutes, without the need for human intervention. Real-time, AI-driven phishing & scam detection plus automation technology for zero-touch takedowns:

  • AI-driven real-time detection of 14+ different types phishing & scam sites in milliseconds
  • Automatically take down phishing & scam sites globally in minutes
  • Simple, intuitive dashboards monitor threats & enable cross-functional collaboration

Protect Against Phishing Attacks that Bypass Your Security

AI driven real time detection

AI-Driven Real-Time

Our detection engine uses deep learning to render a scam verdict within 100 milliseconds with a false positive rate of 1 in 100,000

Fully automated zero touch takedown

Zero-Touch Takedown

Take down phishing & scam sites globally in as quickly as 2 minutes, 95% without human intervention

Continuous monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Our detection engine tracks sites taken down. If a fraudulent site comes back online, our platform immediately issues a request to take it offline

Rich threat intelligence dashboard

Brand Protection Real-Time Dashboard

Full dashboarding to track your brand, plus 20+ data points, including logo use, for review with brand & security teams

Phishing dashboard

Faster Detections and Takedowns for Brand Protection

Take down phishing & scam sites in minutes

  1. Monitor typosquat variants across all TLDs
  2. Monitor Google/Bing searches to discover phishing/fraud sites that show up in organic search results
  3. See typosquat attacks, see # of URLs that are actively being used for phishing & scam sites
  4. Intuitive graph shows volume of sites detected, live, & taken down
  5. Computer vision detects logos
  6. See country where the site is hosted & the hosting provider

Faster Detection and Takedowns for Brand Protection


Fraud detection



60 sec

Mean Time to Response

2 mins

Avg API based
takedown time


Without manual


Partners with domain &
hosting providers

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