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Dark Web Monitoring

Gain Actionable Insight Into Exposed Business-Critical Credentials and Potential Threat Trends

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Your Fast-Path to Understanding Exposed, Compromised Accounts From Complicated Dark Web Sources

Designed for actionable insight and quick remediation, Bolster’s AI-powered Dark Web Monitoring provides our customers with instant visibility into where specific threats exist on the dark web so security teams can act quickly and accurately to protect their data.

With simple, actionable insight into specific threat exposure, you can take quick and accurate action against dark web threats.

Our technology provides upfront, simple-to-navigate insight into…


Exposed Business Credentials

Identify the specific, business-critical credentials exposed on the dark web, including executive account info, employee passwords, and more.


Credit Card Data

Quickly nail down exposed credit card numbers and BIN numbers accessible to criminals on the dark web.


Phishing kits for sale

See what phishing kits exist against your brand at any given moment.


Breach data

Gain visibility into what compromised company data exists on the dark web, including specific credit card numbers, PII, or passwords.

Guide to Dark Web Monitoring

Guide to Dark Web Monitoring

Discover all you need to know to get started understanding dark web threats.

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Comprehensive Coverage and Management of Dark Web Channels

Bolster provides customers with the most expansive dark web scans on the market, simplified into actionable reports summarizing the highest priority risks for your business. With Dark Web Monitoring across four major categories, businesses can trust no stone is left unturned.

132 Monitoring Dark Web Marketplaces

Prevent your data from being sold to other bad actors.

117 Monitored Dark Web Forums

Identify any malicious chatter surrounding your brand.

52 Monitored Telegram Channels

Identify threat activity as plans are made in Telegram.

46 Monitored Ransomware Services

Scan ransomware providers to proactively identify threats.
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Guides and Resources

Bolster your digital risk protection program and learn more about industry trends and managing threats.

A Product That Works for You

Navigate Evolving Threats With a Trusted Detection and Exposure Management Tool

Don’t Let Threats Go Unnoticed

The longer your business, employee, or customer data remains exposed on the dark web, the more bad actors can gain access to it. Bolster’s AI-powered monitoring identifies your compromised data fastest on the market, and populates your dashboard with specific details like credit card numbers, passwords, and social security numbers so your team can act to remediate instantly.

Visualize Dark Web Data Exposure Better Than Before

Our Dark Web Monitoring dashboard provides easy access to actionable data reports, highlighting key risk findings and detailed breakdowns in one simple view. With a customizable layout, you can prioritize risks that matter to your business, and act quicker against dark web threats.

Protect Your Brand Reputation

Nothing can hurt a brand more than a customer-centered data breach, including when customer PII, credit card numbers, or login info is discovered on the dark web. Maintain your reputation as a trusted business by staying on top of dark web threats, and handling them quickly when threats are discovered.
A Look at the Technology

Bolster’s Dark Web Solution Capabilities

Bolster collects, analyzes, and summarizes data quickly to provide a fast-track to understanding exposed, compromised accounts and business credentials so businesses can make quick decisions.

dark web monitoring works

Expansive coverage

Gather data across a broad range of deep and dark web sources including TOR, I2P, IRC and Telegram channels, criminal forums and marketplaces, paste sites and more.

Continuous Scanning

Utilize Bolster’s machine learning and natural language processing to conduct scans 24/7, leaving no threat unnoticed.

Remediation Workflow

Executive risk remediation strategies quickly and effectively with expert SOC recommendations and proactive playbooks set up based on your organization’s risk environment.
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Take Back Control of Your Data With a Fast-Track to Understanding Exposed Credentials

Bolster’s customizable Dark Web Monitoring dashboard and AI scanning technology make managing dark web threats an efficient process for businesses of all sizes.


Your Exposed Credentials, Front and Center

Grant your security and threat intel teams quick access to the specific individual or entity exposed and the source of exposure. With immediate access to the exact details as soon as you log in, customers can remediate threats (think executive passwords, email logins, and more) faster than ever before.


Data Sorting and Management of Complex Sources

The breadth of data on the dark web is overwhelming, even for the most experienced security operations teams. The Bolster platform weeds through the log toil for you, merging complex sources and data logs into a simple, customized dashboard based on your business-critical credentials.


Set Up Instant and Curated Responses to Threats

With advanced alerts for granular threats, and access to differentiated playbooks based on your company-specific threat types, your team can quickly remediate dark web threats. Spend less time weeding through data, and more time taking real action to protect your business.


Customization for Your Specific Business Needs

Select which business-critical data to display in customized reports and dashboard layouts that work for your team. With intuitive, risk-prioritized data, your team can stay on top of threats and more-easily connect business-critical assets and entities that may be targeted from a wider Bolster lens.

Customer Story

Our Customers Use Bolster to Protect Against Dark Web Threats

Learn more about how Bolster is protecting our customers from dark web data exposure.

See how Bolster customer Mercury uses our AI-power technology to prevent phishing attacks and monitor threats on the dark web.



Brand Protection and Dark Web Monitoring: A Fireside Chat with Bolster Customer Mercury

Ready to get started?

Explore what Bolster AI can do for you with a custom demo for your online business to understand existing online threats and how Bolster can take them down. Contact our sales team for pricing and packages today.


Get 24/7 Support

Our global team of highly skilled SOC experts work around the clock to provide high-quality assistance.

Easy Product Guides

Self-guided documentation gives you step-by-step support to quick integrations or issue resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

The dark web refers to a hidden part of the internet that is not accessible through traditional search engines or browsers. It is often used for illicit activities, where users can remain anonymous and transactions can be conducted using cryptocurrencies. There is a great deal of privacy and anonymity that comes with using the dark web compared to traditional websites, which makes it a prime space for malicious actors.

The dark web can pose significant dangers to businesses. Criminals operating on the dark web have the ability to access powerful information that can cause considerable harm, including data breaches and financial losses. Here are a few reasons why the dark web can be dangerous for businesses:

**Data Breaches**: The dark web has become a marketplace for leaked and stolen company data. If your organization experiences a data breach, there is a high likelihood that the sensitive information will end up on the dark web. This can lead to reputational damage, regulatory fines, and potential legal consequences.

**Sale of Hacking Tools and Services**: The dark web provides a platform for cybercriminals to sell various hacking tools, malware, and services. These tools can be used by attackers to exploit vulnerabilities in your business’s systems, leading to unauthorized access, data theft, or operational disruptions.

**Stolen Credentials**: Criminals frequently target individuals and businesses, attempting to obtain login credentials and user information. These stolen credentials can then be sold on the dark web, allowing cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to your company’s systems, networks, or accounts. This can lead to further data breaches, financial fraud, or even identity theft.

**Ransomware Attacks**: The dark web is often used as a platform for ransomware attacks. Cybercriminals can deploy ransomware that encrypts your business’s critical data, demanding payment in exchange for its release. These attacks can result in significant financial losses, operational disruptions, and reputational damage if not mitigated effectively.

Dark web monitoring services, like Bolster’s , play a crucial role in helping businesses detect and respond to threats originating from the dark web.

Dark web monitoring is a service that tracks and monitors the dark web for any instances of data breaches or stolen credentials that may affect your business. By monitoring the dark web, you can proactively identify potential security breaches and take measures to protect your sensitive data. Effective dark web monitoring tools find stolen or leaked information, such as compromised passwords, credentials, intellectual property, and other sensitive data being shared and sold among criminals operating on the dark web.

With cyber threats becoming increasingly prevalent, businesses need a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Dark web monitoring is an essential tool for identifying any data breaches or stolen credentials that may affect your business, allowing you to take swift action before any significant damage is done.

Businesses face a range of threats on the dark web, including the sale of sensitive data, hacking tools for targeted attacks, and ransomware attacks. These threats can lead to severe reputational damage, financial losses, and legal consequences if not detected early on.

Bolster’s dark web monitoring service uses advanced algorithms to scan the dark web for any instances of stolen credentials or data breaches that may impact your business. Our platform aggregates data from multiple sources and analyzes it to provide a comprehensive overview of any threats to your business. Bolster leverages patented machine learning and natural language processing so organizations can not only get an easy-to-use, intuitive, and consumable dashboard, they can also get risk level recommendations and see predict future threats.

While Bolster’s expansive monitoring and detection technology will identify and track threats that exist on the dark web, we aren’t able to engage with threat actors on the dark web to have your company data removed. Removing data from the dark web is complicated strategy because there is no way to verify whether or not a threat actor has been true to their word in removing that data. In fact, most companies have policies against meeting threat actor demands such as paying for decrypting ransomware.

Instead, Bolster helps you mitigate the risk that you can control by identifying threat data on the dark web, categorizing the threat, and giving your organization actionable insight into how to prevent that dark web data from further exposing your organization to risk of a breach. For example, if we detect a business credit card information is being sold on the dark web, we will give you the BIN numbers and allow your team to address that problem with mitigation strategies such as freezing accounts and/or sending out new credit cards to your impacted consumers.

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