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Actionable Insight

Cut Through Log Toil and Get
Actionable Insight

Understanding the criminal underground in the dark web is difficult, and you need to trust a solution to have dark web expertise to help you navigate this plight. However, many solutions offer dark web monitoring that is hard to parse and difficult to glean actionable insight.

Cut through noisy and complex logs and understand what threats pose the greatest impact on your organization. Speed matters and getting actionable insight at first inspection is the best way to stay ahead of these threats.

The Easiest Way To Understand Threats

Bolster’s dark web dashboard offers the most intuitive and seamless visualization of dark web data, hacker activity, and potential threats.

Bolster dashboard graphs

In one stunning presentation, organizations gain visibility across open, deep, and dark web sources including ToR, I2P sites, IRC and Telegram channels, criminal forums and marketplaces, paste sites and more.

Threat Surface

How it Works

  1. Gather data across a broad range of deep and dark web sources including TOR, I2P, IRC and Telegram channels, criminal forums and marketplaces, paste sites and more.
  2. Analyze activity daily leveraging machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to understand potential threats to your organization
  3. Assess the risks and vulnerabilities that may be associated with your brand, executives, customers, partners, and vendors
  4. Execute risk remediation strategies based on expert SOC recommendations to help protect your organization from potential attacks
Threat Surface
Threat Surface

Set curated playbook flows like password reset for breached emails

Leveraging patented machine learning and natural language processing, Bolster delivers an delivers intelligent recommendation curated to an organization’s business and technical requirements.

With market tested use cases and curated recommendations, Bolster allows organizations to set up playbooks for when certain data is detected on the dark web.

Equip Your Teams with the Right Tools

When an organization’s sensitive data is detected, Bolster playbooks create a customized response such as alerting team members in the organization who is relevant to the threat, such as human resources, legal, or fraud teams or creating a ticket for IT to instantly issue a password reset.

Every playbook is curated to an organization’s specific needs and provide fast and effective responses. Bolster playbooks can also integrate into existing SIEM or SOAR platforms to allow your SOC team to conduct digital forensics.

Benefits of Bolster’s Dark Web Monitoring

Targeted Attacks

Understand Early Warnings to Targeted Attacks

Get visibility into illicit activity such as malware and phishing kits, pre-built exploits, and underground activity and chatter. Gather threat intelligence across the dark web and predict how threat actors will behave and act. Bolster allow organizations to easily identify criminal intentions and automate a response to reduce overall risk.

Drive-by Downloads

Discover Hacking Tools, Exploit Kits, and Relevant Chatter

Monitoring the forums and channels on the dark web allows organizations to uncover hacker tactics and tools used to launch attacks, test for weaknesses, and cause potential data breaches. Understand how these exploits, tools, and relevant chatter affect your organization and how that information can help coordinate a response.

Curated Responses

Set Up Instant and Curated Responses to Threats

Configure responses to the types of threats that are found on the dark web for risk mitigation and data breach defense. Every organization has specific needs based on their vertical, size, and business goals. Select from curated response to breach data and threats on the dark web to have the most effective risk mitigation strategy internally.

Extortion and Scams

Count on a Team of Experts for 24/7 Support

Rely on a team of dark web experts that can help you not only monitor your adversaries but offer real time support 24/7/365. Bolster’s security support team will help you parse through the threats and implement strong security controls in response to potential data breaches. Benefit from having an experienced team that is hands-on to help you navigate through the alerts, escalations, and responses.

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