Digital Risk Protection Services (DRPS)

A managed service offering that enables organizations to effectively detect, prioritize, and respond to threats to their externally-exposed digital assets.

Why are Digital Risk Protection Services Important?

Effective DRPS enables organizations to efficiently scale up their digital risk protection efforts and effectively safeguard their public attack surface from malicious actors and activities.

With DRPS, companies get 360° omnichannel visibility into all the digital and social platforms and channels comprising their attack surface. Such expansive visibility allows them to proactively detect and quickly respond to threats, especially on channels and regions that other security solutions do not – or cannot – monitor. These include social media channels, IoT devices, operational technology (OT), and cloud solutions.

DRPS vs. Traditional Threat Intelligence

Traditional threat intelligence is mainly about risk prevention and planning. It has strategic value since it informs enterprise cybersecurity programs and focuses on gathering and analyzing large sets of data over an extended period. DRPS is about detecting and responding to digital threats. It is more operational so it has an immediate impact on threat detection and mitigation, and ultimately on business resiliency.

What are some of the risks and threats that DRPS can protect against?

DRPS can reduce the size of the attack surface, secure the organization’s online brand, and detect data loss. It can also prevent sensitive data breaches, reputational damage, and fraud campaigns. Furthermore, automated DRP platforms built on comprehensive threat intelligence enable phishing detection, vulnerability prioritization, malicious app identification, leaked credentials monitoring, and automated threat response and mitigation.