App Store Monitoring

What Is App Store Monitoring?

Apps are great for business because they provide a user-friendly sales and customer service platform. Unfortunately, bad actors know this as well. While you use your brand to serve customers, fraudsters seek to use it to take their money and personal information. The good news is that this problem has a solution: app store monitoring. Constant monitoring isn’t merely a helpful tool. In this day and age, it’s essential.

App store monitoring uses technology to recognize, remove, and prevent fake apps, scam sites, and other unauthorized uses and distribution of branded material. By using automation to the fullest extent, app store monitoring follows three simple but essential steps:

  • Detection: Scanning major and third-party stores to detect fake apps in seconds.
  • Takedown: Automated removal requests to hosting providers and registries.
  • Monitoring: Watching more than 500 stores and sites to keep fraud at bay.

This swift action benefits your brand, bottom line, and customers.

Why Is App Store Monitoring Important?

Many business owners see their app as a “set and forget” opportunity. Creating and uploading an app is one thing, but monitoring your app requires more diligence. Here are three reasons why you can’t neglect it.

Technology is king

Your business and the app stores you use for distribution have good intentions. Fraudsters do not. Unfortunately, these bad actors with ill intent often have access to the same powerful technology as legitimate stores and sites. 

Consequently, your business must use the latest tools to combat them. App store monitoring uses AI and API technology to monitor and take down fake apps and quickly stop the unauthorized distribution of branded material, resulting in minimal damage to your business and customers. 

Protecting your business

Brand recognition and customer trust take time to earn, but you can quickly lose them. When fraudulent apps and scam sites go up bearing your brand, your reputation is at stake, especially when your customers don’t realize that there are scammers at work. 

In turn, customers lose trust in you and your ability to protect them. Protecting your business should be a priority because losing customers damages your bottom line.

Safeguarding your customers

As a business owner, you want the best for your customers. App store monitoring makes it nearly impossible for scammers to carry out their plans. By quickly taking down fake apps and unauthorized material, you protect your customers’ information and keep them away from potential harm.

How Does It Work?

App store monitoring uses the latest technology to monitor your business app across the web and provide first-class protection. The entire process has three essential components.

1. Detection

AI-driven scanning technology can detect the emergence of fake apps within 100 milliseconds with a near-perfect accuracy of only 1 in 100,000 false positives. This real-time detection and 60 seconds mean time to respond is much faster than what humans can accomplish. 

2. Takedown

Even if you know about the malicious app or scam website, getting it taken down with submissions to hosting providers and registries is time-consuming. With app store monitoring, API-based takedown is automated and takes two minutes on average.

3. Monitoring

Just because you get a fake app taken down once doesn’t mean scammers won’t try it again. App store monitoring provides continuous tracking for possible reemergence on major app stores and third-party sites across the internet.

How Bolster Can Help

With new technology so accessible to bad actors, app monitoring is more important now than ever. Bolster offers state-of-the-art technology with AI-driven detection, API-based takedown, and continuous tracking to automate the entire process. 

You get access to a robust dashboard with actionable intelligence so you and your teams can collaborate and make the right decision quickly.

With Bolster’s help, you can stop worrying about your brand and spend your time and resources focused on the more critical tasks and strategic goals.

See Bolster in action when you request a free demo.