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AI-Based Monitoring for Typosquat Domains

Domain protection
Legacy approaches can’t keep up with the growing
look-alike domain problem
Costly verification and purchase of domains

Continuously Monitor and
Take Down Typosquat Domains

Criminals are taking advantage of the explosion of top-level-domains (TLDs) to register typosquat domains to launch attacks. The sheer number of possible domains is creating a problem that cannot be solved without AI and automation.

Monitor and Take Down Typosquat Domains

AI driven domain threat detection


Detect domain threats, including look-alike domains & fake sites across 1000+ legacy & new gTLDs & ccTLDs

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Monitor active & passive DNS, zone & WHOIS files & SSL certificates & logs to identify changes to threat landscape

Automatic takedown capabilities

Automatic Takedown

Based on tier selected, perform automatic zero-touch takedowns removing malicious sites in as little as 2 minutes globally

Rich threat intelligence dashboard

Rich Threat
Intelligence & Dashboard

Rich data & intuitive dashboards makes it easy for brand, fraud & security teams to collaborate & take action on identified threats


Daily Domain Monitoring with Automated Takedowns

Bolster’s typosquatting solution identifies and monitors typosquat domains

Monitor your domain against threats and infringements with AI-driven detection and monitoring

  • Ultra-fast AI-driven detection of look-alike & typosquat domains, fake sites, phishing & scam activity
  • Applies AI plus enriched threat intel to continuously monitor & assess threat landscapes
  • Automatic capabilities for zero-touch takedowns of malicious sites globally

Domain Monitoring Platform

Continuous Domain Monitoring with Logo Detection


Threat node graph


URLs scanned
to date


Sites scanned
per day


Data points
collected per scan


Top level domains

Bolster Next-Generation Fraud Prevention Platform

Domain risk solutions

Domain Monitoring Dashboard

Actionable insights in real time

  1. Detailed, actionable breakdown displayed for each suspicious domain detected
  2. Configurable widgets graph volume of look-alike domains and fake sites by IP address, TLD, geography & more
  3. See URL construction, TLD in use, registrant info, MX record detection & more
  4. Real-time phishing & scam detection reveals risk level & trending status
  5. Click to view detailed scan results based on natural language processing & computer vision
Domain risk solutions

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Domain Monitoring at Scale

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“My favorite thing about Bolster – I don’t have to do a thing. No diverted employee time; no new hires; no setup; no admin. Plus there’s full visibility into results and impact.”

Devdatta Akhawe
Director of Security Engineering

Domain Monitoring FAQ.

A domain name is the most public element of any brand’s site. For any purchase related to the brand, a couple of mandatory details are asked. Even with the best security practices, this information isn’t always safe from outside elements. Domain privacy, therefore, is necessary for all websites.

Any website can have 12,000 typosquatting variants and over 3,000+ TLDs or top-level domains. Hackers usually purchase a large number of such domains.

Domain protection is about implementing security measures, controls, and technologies to protect your brand’s domain name against spoofing, customer phishing, impersonations, and website hacking.

With Bolster’s domain monitoring solutions and defensive domain acquisition, you can ensure solid domain security for your brand. We balance domain monitoring and domain acquisition to shrink attack surfaces & manage costs while proactively monitoring the broader threat landscape.
Information security and marketing teams are the primary users of domain monitoring tools. Marketing teams are brand custodians, while information security teams are its vanguard. Both these teams leverage domain monitoring tools to secure the domains.
Hackers register domains with misspelled brand names to lure visitors to fake websites. These misspelled or lookalike domains are known as typosquat domains. There are over 350 million domains across the internet. With a wide range of misspelled domains, one cannot manage them without AI or automation.

Bolster’s AI-based monitoring quickly generates an extensive set of typosquatting variations derived from your domain assets and determines the status of each. In the case of unregistered domains, Bolster’s Defensive Domain Acquisition service helps brands selectively purchase available typosquatting domains. Bolster’s technology determines different purchasing scenarios optimized for budget and risk.
AI-driven detection helps find lookalike and fake domain sites. We also apply AI to generate defensive domain acquisition strategies. Bolster AI also automatically generates thousands of typosquatting variations to create the first line of defense. The domain monitoring dashboard helps continuously monitor typosquatting domains.

We use natural language processing, OCR, and image comparison to find hidden text and unknown threats.
We first do an extensive scan to find fake domains and identify risks by analyzing if the domain is registered, the presence of a DNS A-record signaling web content, and a DNS mix record signaling email capabilities. After identifying the initial risk factors with this information, we monitor all typosquatting instances and create defensive domain acquisition advantages.

Intuitive dashboards help organizations monitor typosquatting domains proactively from registration to take down.

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