Top 8 Phishlabs Competitors for 2023

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In this post, we will review Phishlabs competitors and alternatives. The concept of brand protection has fallen solely within IT security due to concerns about rising rates of cyberattacks in recent years. While previously this may have been a marketing or legal problem, cybercriminals continue to exploit brands and their customers by engaging in activities like phishing through typosquatting domains, thus making this a challenge only the security team can solve.

Typosquatting is particularly challenging to combat, given that it involves registering websites using URLs that are remarkably similar to your company’s legitimate URL, thus duping unsuspecting users. Cybercriminals can then engage in logo infringement to pass the site off as legitimate and steal confidential data from users.

In your search for brand protection software, you should also consider some of the top Phishlabs competitors, which include services like:


Regarding Phishlabs competitors, is one of the more dynamic anti-phishing solutions out there. offers automated domain monitoring, typosquatting detection, and protection against phishing and scam sites.

Bolster’s patented detection engine can scan everything from websites to social media platforms, even the dark web. Its real-time scanning capabilities can reveal whether a cybercriminal has spoofed your site using branded products, logos, or images. Additionally, Bolster offers remediation services, which means the platform can automate the removal of fake websites, helping you reduce the IT staff burden.


OpenSquat is an open-source tool designed to detect typosquatting activity, though it can also catch phishing and domain squatting attempts. While openSquat is one of many Phishlabs competitors, it provides a more narrow set of features and tools than its contemporaries.

Currently, openSquat only provides domain monitoring and detection services and does not provide remediation support. Therefore, your security team will have to explore other solutions for removing any suspicious websites you choose with openSquat.


DNSTwist is known for its intuitive, simple design. It is a typosquatting and domain protection platform that can help your business identify phishing attacks, fraud attempts, and impersonations of your URL.

DNSTwist’s most notable feature is its permutation engine, which rapidly generates variations of your domain name that it will then search for to determine whether attackers use any of them.

DNSTwist can be launched directly in your browser, and doing so is the easiest approach to using DNSTwist, but you can also install it using its Linux-based framework. Do keep in mind that this approach is more tedious and time-consuming.


Price2Spy is a pricing analytics platform designed for e-commerce brands. Its primary function is to streamline price review processes so that brands can reprice their products and stay competitive.

However, Price2Spy also enables e-commerce businesses to scour the internet and determine whether any fictitious sites are listing their products. Brands can leverage this feature to figure out whether any fraudsters are advertising products at ridiculously low prices in order to obtain consumers’ payment card information.


DNSRazzle is a typosquatting and brand impersonation detection tool that uses the DNSTwist permutation engine to create domain name variations. It then conducts a search for these variations, takes screenshots of any fictitious sites it discovers, and generates a report.

DNSRazzle is easy to use and efficient, capable of quickly sending you the evidence you need to take action against cyber attackers, but it does not have any remediation tools, so you will have to oversee the removal of any fraudulent sites yourself.


Gophish is an open-source (and therefore, free) phishing testing platform. The framework includes pre-built templates allowing you to create a fake phishing campaign in minutes and launch them against your site. This is a great phishing awareness tool to leverage in your organization.

After your fake phishing campaign has run its course, Gophish will generate a detailed performance report, which can help you assess how prepared you are to fend off a phishing attack.

OWASP Domain Protect

OWASP Domain Protect guards against website subdomain hijacking by scanning your DNS records and identifying possible weaknesses in your subdomains. Once implemented, it is automated and will routinely perform DNS scans and send you alerts anytime it uncovers a vulnerability.

OWASP Domain Protect is an easy-to-use tool to prevent subdomain takeovers, but it offers little else in the way of brand protection. It does not provide remediation services, phishing prevention tools, or typosquatting detection.


DNSlystics is another research tool you can use to assess the legitimacy of a URL. With DNSlystics, you can find out things like geolocations, IP addresses, and DNS records. The platform can also be used to perform reverse lookups of domains, IP addresses, and nameservers.

DNSlystics provides monitoring services as well. The platform can search for sites using your brand name, products, or trademark. The only downside to this function is that you have to manually create keyword strings, which means that your choice of keywords will drastically impact the quality of your search results.

Explore These Phishlabs Competitors to Protect Your Brand

A proactive approach to digital risk protection has become essential in the modern threat environment. Cyberattacks, such as phishing attacks through typosquat domains, have become commonplace. Therefore, you must explore brand protection solutions, including these Phishlab competitors.

As you search for the ideal solution for your business, we recommend checking out Zerofox competitors. Zerofox also operates in brand protection, meaning its competitors offer similar services to Phishlabs.

Most importantly, research solutions that offer demo opportunities, such as Bolster. Demos will reveal whether a platform can effectively meet the needs of your business and help you make an informed decision.

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