Bolster vs Zerofox: Comparing Brand Protection Solutions


In today’s age of extensive digital transformation and expanded online presence, organizations must have robust solutions to protect their digital assets. Two prominent players in this space are Bolster and ZeroFox.

We’ve put together a Bolster vs Zerofox comparison of these two digital risk protection solutions across various aspects: domain monitoring, social media monitoring, automated takedown and remediation, and support. 

Bolster vs Zerofox for Domain Monitoring

Bolster’s domain monitoring provides advanced capabilities for IT security professionals. With the ability to detect suspicious and domains faster and more accurately than any other vendor, Bolster helps businesses detect typosquat threats and make informed decisions about potential domain threats. The cost-effective nature of Bolster’s domain monitoring ensures that organizations can scale to protect all of their online assets without compromising on quality (or breaking the bank). 

When looking at Bolster vs Zerofox, our advanced domain monitoring capabilities, IT security professionals can easily evaluate typosquat domains and cyber risk threats in a cost-effective way. Bolster provides: 

  • Real-time monitoring of domains with a 99.999% accuracy rate of malicious activity
  • Detection of phishing and scam activity leveraging a patented detection engine
  • Identification of typosquatting and brand abuse, with takedowns conducted in as little as two minutes 

Bolster allows organizations to stay ahead by detecting and analyzing domain spoofing and brand abuse attacks in real-time, without any additional internal resources needed. 

When comparing Bolster vs Zerofox when it comes to domain monitoring, ZeroFox’s capabilities do offer comprehensive monitoring across social media platforms, enabling organizations to identify and address potential security threats proactively. However, compared to Bolster, ZeroFox falls short in cost-effectiveness and decision-making support.

While ZeroFox may be suitable for basic monitoring needs, its limited capabilities hinder its effectiveness in detecting and mitigating cyber threats at scale and accuracy.

Domain Monitoring Technical Breakdown Summary: Bolster vs Zerofox

When it comes down to Bolster vs Zerofox for domain monitoring, the two organizations have their different strengths in detecting and preventing domain spoofing:  

  • Bolster offers advanced capabilities to identify and mitigate domain spoofing attacks, providing robust protection against fraudulent activities. 
  • ZeroFox also provides effective measures to detect and prevent domain spoofing, assisting in the protection of your online presence. 

The differences in Bolster vs Zerofox arise when it comes to coverage across various online channels (websites, social media). 

  • Bolster’s comprehensive monitoring includes detection across a wide range of online channels, including websites, the dark web, app stores, and social media platforms. This ensures that all potential threats are identified and addressed promptly. 
  • ZeroFox focuses primarily on social media monitoring, offering tools to monitor and protect your brand reputation on these platforms. 

The two digital risk protection providers also have different capabilities to uncover brand abuse through typosquatting or trademark infringements: With its advanced algorithms, Bolster has the capability to uncover instances of typosquatting or trademark infringements such a Zerofox logo that can harm a brand. It enables swift action against such malicious activities without extra internal resources needed. 

Comparing the two vendors in terms of domain monitoring capabilities across different online channels, such as websites and social media, as well as their abilities in detecting brand abuse through typosquatting or trademark infringements, both solutions offer valuable features.

However, while the extent of coverage may differ based on individual needs, businesses looking to prioritize cost-effectiveness and easy of use will find Bolster to be the best provider. 

Bolster vs Zerofox for Social Media Monitoring

Bolster’s social media monitoring capabilities offer robust protection against cyber threats. Bolster ensures that your online presence is secure and protected from malicious activities, executive impersonation attacks, fake job postings, and other other common social media scams

In addition, Bolster excels in automated takedown and remediation processes, removing harmful social media scam content to safeguard brand reputation. AI-powered sentiment analysis allows Bolster to accurately analyze the accounts, posts, and interactions on social media like a human would, providing valuable insights into customer perception without needing manual input.  

ZeroFox’s social media monitoring capabilities enable customers to quickly identify malicious content and suspicious activities, providing proactive protection against cyber attacks. ZeroFox alert customers against brand impersonation and account takeover by constantly monitoring social media platforms for unauthorized use of company logos or trademarks, as well as detecting suspicious activity on employee accounts.  

ZeroFox threat intelligence provides secure in social media monitoring, but leaves the takedown of social media threats to the customer’s internal security team. 

Social Media Monitoring Technical Breakdown Summary

When comparing the two solutions’ accuracy of sentiment analysis results:  

  • Bolster utilizes advanced natural language processing algorithms to analyze sentiments expressed on social media platforms accurately. 
  • ZeroFox’s sentiment analysis may have a higher margin of error, potentially leading to misinterpretation of user sentiments. 

The two companies also differ when it comes to scope of social media platform coverage:  

  • Bolster offers comprehensive coverage across major social media platforms, including Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. 
  • ZeroFox’s platform coverage is limited compared to Bolster, and may not provide real-time monitoring for all relevant social media channels. 

It’s also important to note ‘false positive’ detection rates:  

  • Bolster has proven capabilities in minimizing false positives by employing refined machine learning models that can differentiate between genuine threats and harmless mentions. 
  • ZeroFox raises a higher rate of false positives due to its less robust machine learning algorithms. 

Bolster vs Zerofox for Customer Support

Bolster is renowned for its world-class support, offering top-notch assistance to customers. Their dedicated team of experts is available round the clock to address any queries or concerns, and help customers seamlessly integrate Bolster into their existing digital risk program. With their prompt and personalized response, Bolster ensures that customers receive the best possible support at all times. 

When comparing both vendors in terms of customer support, there are key areas that set Bolster apart: 

  1. 24/7 Technical Assistance: Bolster provides 24/7 technical assistance to their customers. Bolster experts are always available to address any concerns and provide immediate support.
  2. Dedicated Account Managers: Bolster customers get assigned a dedicated account manager who will serve as their main point of contact. 
  3. Regular Training and Education Programs: Bolster offers regular training and education programs designed to keep customers informed about emerging risks and equip them with the knowledge they need to protect their assets effectively.

ZeroFox digital risk protection also provides support services to its customers; however, it falls short in comparison to Bolster’s support because while they do have a customer service team, their availability and responsiveness may not be as reliable as that of Bolster’s. In addition, ZeroFox does not monitor for malicious sites that were taken down so ensure they do not reappear. 

The following support for ZeroFox is offered:  

  1. Multi-channel Support: The team is available through phone, email, or chat.
  2. Knowledge Base and Self-Service Portal
  3. Emergency Response Team for Critical Issues

Customer support might not seem like the biggest reason to pick one technology over another, but when crisis hits, and your team needs a quality support team to fall back on, you will appreciate selecting the business with the better support offering.  

Manage Your Digital Risk Today

When comparing Bolster vs Zerofox for the overall best digital risk protection provider, Bolster is the best choice for managing digital risks, effectively conducting takedowns, and monitoring post-takedown. From Bolster’s world-class domain monitoring technology, to their leading customer service and SOC teams, Bolster is the best in the business when it comes to digital risk protection.  

To learn more about Bolster, request a demo today. You can also check out our recent reports and resources for more information.