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Multi-Channel Threat Protection

Automatically detect and eradicate phishing and impersonation attacks with Bolster’s generative AI platform that protects your organization everywhere.


Multi-Channel Phishing and Impersonation Campaigns are on the Rise.

From deceptive links in BEC attacks to fake social media profiles, threat actors are leveraging multiple digital channels to phish and scam users.


Increase in unique phishing attacks


New deceptive links created every day


Increase in impersonations on LinkedIn


Phishing campaigns leverage social media

Source: Bolster 2024 Phishing and Scam Report

Fast and Accurate Detection of Threats Across the Internet

Bolster uses generative AI that deliver unparalleled speed and accuracy in the mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-respond (MTTR) of phishing threats. Correlating threat signals from natural text and images with threat categories, Bolster gives visibility into attacker activity for insight and takedown.

Bolster difference

Why Bolster?


Bolster uses AI to provide visibility and remediation into malicious activity occurring outside your perimeter. Understanding the context to how phishing and impersonation attacks unfold across web, social, mobile, and even the dark web is key to detection and elimination of threats before they even reach an email inbox. provides this early warning of potential phishing campaigns so that when an attack occurs, Bolster can use AI to automate the takedown.

With a 1/100,000 false positive rate, Bolster provides the most accurate detection of phishing threat signals across the Internet.

Bolster analyzes over 4 million URLs in a browser infrastructure to leverage computer vision, natural language processing, and threat graphing for unparalleled categorization and scoring.

LLM-powered SecOps Copilot automates the takedown of phishing threats for the fastest mean-time-to-respond (MTTR).

Correlating threat signals across digital channels and monitoring the entire attack lifecycle, Bolster offers 360 degree visibility.

AI technology stack

How it Works

Bolsters examines digital content and intent like a SOC analyst would, but with the added speed and scale of generative AI. With over 100TB of structured data training on URLs, domains, natural language text, images, and emails – Bolster harnesses the most powerful phishing intelligence platform for threat detection and takedown.

Product features

Multi-Channel Protection Against Phishing and Impersonations with Bolster

Domain monitoring

Detect and Take Down in Minutes

Leverage threat intelligence and machine learning to detect typosquat, suspicious, or malicious domains for auto-remediation.
Detect and Take Down in Minutes
Spot Scams and Impersonations
Identify Infringement Anywhere
Social media

Spot Scams and Impersonations

Protect against impersonations and scams across all major social media platforms including Telegram.
Spot Scams and Impersonations
App store

Identify Infringement Anywhere

Detect rogue or malicious activity across 800+ app stores and remove any brand infringements instantly.
Identify Infringement Anywhere
Dark web

Gain Actionable Insights in the Dark

Visualize all active and potential security risks to your organization in an easy-to-use, actionable dashboard.
Bolster benefits

AI-Powered and Fully Automated

Bolster delivers a single, consistent AI security platform to achieve the fastest, most scalable, and more accurate detection and takedown of phishing sites and scam content across the internet. With LLMs curated to real-world security use cases, Bolster gives customers actionable insight and security operations efficiency – allowing for 4x return on investment within the first year of deployment.

Zero Friction

Deploy Bolster in less than 24 hours allowing for 95% of all takedowns requiring no manual intervention

Crowdsourced Intelligence

20% of the Fortune 500 and over 20,000 active security professionals contribute to Bolster threat intelligence

Automation Through LLMs

Allow for real-time detection and multi-touch takedown using LLMs replacing the need for a security operation team

4x Return on Investment

Consolidate an average of 4 security tools and increase security team productivity by at least 30%

customer story

CaptivateIQ Expedites Takedown of Spoofed Domains and Fake Jobs

Bolster gives CaptivateIQ easily automation for the takedown of spoofed sites without involving cross-functional teams or devoting manual hours to finding fraud or suspicious activity online.

“Even if you feel like you’re a company that’s not in a highly targeted space like the financial industry, you still can be affected by attacks. Working with Bolster has been a great experience and it’s especially important for us to help others out there.”


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