Help make a safe internet for all.

Bolster builds AI/ML technology to protect regular citizens from bad actors on the internet. Your favorite brands from technology to eCommerce use our software to detect and takedown threats that might attack their customers, employees, or partners.

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This is how we work:

We put customers over perfect code

We solve real problems for real people. We’re not focused on writing slick code or playing with the hippest frameworks. We strive to create maintainable long-term value for the customer. "Purity" of code is not important.

We avoid GroupThink

Group brainstorming or design-by-committee can lead to watered-down initiatives and incremental ideas. A big idea starts in one person's head. We make sure he or she has the space to develop it into a fully-articulated thought before we iterate on it as a group.

We write things out

Instead of sitting in meetings, we develop our ideas in writing, asynchronously. Written proposals encourage clearer thought and more thorough deliberation. Our plans are always documented and iterated over frequently.

We don’t take things too seriously

We love silly jokes and pranks. Have that funny video or embarrassing story to share? We are all waiting to enjoy it!

We’re taking on the bad guys.

We’re taking on the bad guys.

Scammers are targeting the most vulnerable members of society. They are phishing our grandparents. They are distributing obscene content on our favorite online platforms. They are scamming people who are having trouble financially. We think that enough is enough. There may always be more scammers than employees at Bolster, but we aren’t outmatched. We use AI to tip the scales back in society’s favor. Help us win this fight.

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