Brand Protection

Brand protection is the process of safeguarding a company’s products, identity, reputation, and customers against loss resulting from brand impersonation and abuse.

What is Brand Protection?

Criminals impersonate brands with unauthorized use of company logos, typosquat domains, fake email addresses, social media accounts, and fraudulent websites to sell counterfeit products or launch phishing and scam campaigns. Brand protection tools can help you defend your business assets and reputation through monitoring, detection, and takedown of fraudulent websites and accounts created by cybercriminals.

Why Do Organizations Need Online Brand Protection solutions?

The cybersecurity threat landscape is expanding and becoming more complex with the increase in modern digital activities. Online shopping, remote employment, banking, and other day-to-day online processes continue to grow and evolve. With this, cybercriminals are also becoming more tech savvy, finding new creative ways to exploit users. Organizations are finding that they need a solution purpose built to handle online brand protection and the cyber threats that come with it.

What to Look for in a Good Brand Protection Solution

Fraudsters are out to steal your customers, reduce your revenue, and erode trust in your brand, but you can stop them in their tracks with an effective solution. AI-driven monitoring and detection can save you valuable time and IT resources while safeguarding your assets, customers, and brand. Here are a few things to look for in an effective platform:

  • An intuitive dashboard - Robust data and reporting tools can help you track your brand (and its impersonators), so you can detect illicit websites, phishing attacks, and logo infringement.
  • Content analysis - With complete threat visibility and details about your level of risk, you can make informed decisions and prioritize remediation.
  • Continuous internet scanning - Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning work facilitate rapid detection of counterfeit sites, typosquatting, and unauthorized logo use. 24/7 monitoring means you can take action before fraudsters take advantage of your customers.
  • Automated takedown - With automation options, you can start the takedown process immediately after detection – without human intervention.

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Cybersecurity threats aren’t going anywhere, but you can be prepared. With the right brand protection tool, you can identify and remove threats, protect your business and loyal customers, and keep your hard-earned revenue.

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