6 Critical Success Factors for Effective Online Brand Protection

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Fraud on the Internet Happens Fast

To establish effective online brand protection, it is crucial to recognize that brands face daily fraud from counterfeiters creating fake websites to impersonate them. In 2020, online counterfeiting increased by 73%, with a staggering 7 million phishing and scam sites detected globally (read blog write-up). One of the key strategies employed by threat actors is to flood companies with overwhelming volumes of fraudulent activity, counting on the fact that not all the activity can be stopped or taken down.

Brands all over the world and across all industries are under regular attack as the Internet has made it easy for cybercriminals to hijack data, customers, and payments. Conditions into 2021 have only worsened. So, if you’re looking to stand up an effective online brand protection practice you’ll need to fight scale with scale.

How Bolster Helps

Online brand protection comprises a series of techniques used to search for, detect, and dismantle a wide range of infringements and threats spanning:

  1. Fake website & apps
  2. Counterfeit product & unauthorized sales
  3. Social media impersonations
  4. Phishing attacks & scams
  5. Logo, trademark, copyright infringements

Through Bolster’s unique AI technology, we defend your brand against all of these in real time, allowing you to focus on operating your business. Malicious sites are taken down in minutes and hours upon detection without human intervention, all through our automated SaaS platform coupled with electronic integrations with hosting companies around the world.

Under the hood, here are the 6 critical success factors that make the Bolster platform so effective. If not through partnering with Bolster, you’ll want to ensure you strive for these same success factors as you stand up an online brand protection.

6 Critical Success Factors for Effective Online Brand Protection

1. Make sure it’s automated: Bolster’s average time from detection to takedown is measure in minutes and hours. It’s a combination of our automation and AI technologies that makes our system faster and more effective than any other method in terms of both detection and take down. The underlying AI technology employs computer vision, natural language processing, and deep learning to spot fraud sites that copy and use your company’s assets, including logo, in milliseconds.

Check out some great blogs below to learn even more about how we do things. When malicious conditions are detected, takedowns are processed automatically with hosting providers globally to neutralize the threats.

2. Strive for accuracy: Bolster’s false-positive rate is 1 in 100,000, so you can feel confident that our efforts won’t be wasted. AI is the most effective technique for online brand protection since it can search and analyze results at incredibly fast rates without ever diminishing in effectiveness. Human-based systems struggle to keep pace with the volume and nature of today’s attacks. It can often times take days to ferret out just a single site. By then, the damage has been done.

3. Avoid the blacklists: Most brand protection services depend on blacklists as their source to identify threats. This creates delays as cybercriminals sidestep the lists with new fraud sites and abandon old ones. Relying on blacklists is like walking around barefoot to find broken glass. You’ll only know it’s there after the damage is done. Bolster takes brand protection further, detecting and acting on threats before they’re even on the blacklists.

4. Look for zero-day results: Time is precious when scammers attack. If you rely on human-based brand theft detection, you’ll lose vital days to research, analysis, and decision making. The end result is mammoth-sized financial damage. With Bolster, you always know threats are being hunted down and thwarted in real time, often before the fraud attempts even get off the ground.

5. Monitor the Internet 24/7: You never know when a criminal is going to set up a counterfeit or scam site, so continuous monitoring is critical, even after take down. It’s not uncommon for a site that you take down to quickly re-appear on another hosting provider’s network. You really can’t stop this. However, Bolster monitors sites that have been taken down, so if they re-appear anywhere around the world, we’ll take them down again.

6. Seek a trusted service: Phishing and fraud prevention solutions are big business. While your brand has plenty of options for security, know that Bolster has become a trusted name thanks to its advanced technology and proven results. Top companies like Uber, LinkedIn, Zoom, and Dropbox trust the platform to defend their brands online globally. If not with Bolster, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a dependable, trustworthy partner, because your online brand’s reputation is on the line.

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When scammers and counterfeiters target your brand, your detection window is narrow. Fraud sites quickly rack up costs measured in time, money, and perhaps most damaging consumer confidence. Our brand protection service is fully automated and ultra-accurate, all with no extra effort needed from your team. And we can have you up in running in no time. Try it today!

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