A Visual Journey: Exploring the Redesigned Bolster Dashboard


One of the top challenges that security practitioners often face is acting on the data that is presented in front of them. To address these challenges and expedite responses to growing threats, we at Bolster are launching a redesigned data dashboard.  

Our Mission: Meet Customer Needs

Our redesigned dashboard tackles customer pain points by visualizing threats in a comprehensive and actionable manner.  

By showcasing potential risks with a visual approach, customers can be empowered to take proactive and informed action against malicious online activities and track the progress of their remediation strategies. With better access to your program data, security and risk leaders can quickly understand the threats targeting their business, present them to program stakeholders, and take quick action to remediate. 

The redesigned Bolster dashboard highlights program data the way your business needs it.

Designed for real-world customers

 At Bolster, we value customer feedback and truly innovate based on ongoing customer conversations and pain points with their cyber risk programs.  

The redesign project for the Bolster dashboard was driven by several customer pain points. In our customer research, we uncovered ways we could help our customers drive better decisions and continue to fight evolving threats.   

Some key areas highlighted by our new dashboard experience include: 

1. More visibility into key threat intelligence: We know our customers strive to completely understand the areas and data sources Bolster monitors on their behalf. It’s important for our users to be on top of potential threats, and fully utilize the comprehensive protection offered by Bolster’s service.  

 The visualization of data sources in the redesigned dashboard improves awareness and response to potential threats. By redesigning the dashboard, we’ve made it easier for our customers to understand which threats are more severe, and where the biggest remediation efforts are.   

 2. Better established trust in the insights: When a security breach is a possible consequence, every action that a security leader takes is critical. At Bolster, we want to enable security leaders to establish trust in their program and gain buy in from stakeholders.  

We redesigned the dashboard to showcase the breadth and depth of Bolster’s monitoring capabilities. Our customers can also effectively compare Bolster’s offerings against our industry competitors. The inclusion of competitive statistics in the new design empowers customers to make informed decisions and choose the best cybersecurity solution for their needs.  

3. Providing a curated experience: We know each business we work with faces unique security challenges, so their dashboard views and data visibility needs might be different.  

The redesigned dashboard gives customers the ability to customize their view based on the specific data sources and types of findings that matter most to their business. The new design will enable users to personalize their protection approach, enhancing the overall efficacy of the Bolster to their team by providing the data insights they need, when they need it. 

Executing Customer Feedback in Visual Form

Through a meticulous feedback collection process, Bolster ensures that every user perspective is heard and considered. Leveraging customer voices, we are able to identify existing pain points and understand the evolving needs of its userbase.  

By translating these insights into actionable design requirements, Bolster’s team of experts collaboratively built a powerful medium, effectively communicating and prioritizing customer-driven enhancements.  

With the new dashboard, our customers can better highlight visual representations of their program, including:  

Communicate the scope of monitoring: The new design aims to communicate areas and data sources that Bolster monitors, as well as benchmark progress against the rest of the trends Bolster sees globally. This helps provide clarity into potential threats, and the scope of protection offered. 

Showcase continuous monitoring: The redesigned dashboard will showcase the extensive monitoring capabilities of Bolster, no matter the time-of-day threat actors decide to strike. Users don’t need to worry about continually checking in on their security controls individually; Bolster will summarize new and ongoing threats targeting a customer in any requested time frame. 

Highlight comprehensive threat coverage: Bolster ensures comprehensive and high-volume monitoring, and through the dashboard redesign customer gain continued access to the results of that monitoring. With clear and concise threat data, including social media site specifics, misuse of branded assets, specific IP addresses, and images of a given typosquat domain or phishing attack, Bolster customers can gain comprehensive threat data directly in their dashboard.  

Emphasize behind-the-scenes efforts: With the new dashboard, customers can keep data as high-level, or specific given their unique business needs. Given the vast scanning capabilities of the Bolster platform, any given threat can be tied to a lot of back-end efforts. With our redesigned platform, your team can choose what to dive into, and what to keep high-level.  

Ability to trace the source for every threat: The redesigned dashboard will enable users to trace the source for every detected threat. This transparency will allow users to gain insight into the origins of potential threats, including location data, facilitating proactive response and mitigation. 

The Bolster dashboard highlights the geographic location of threats targeting your business.

Visualize data sources: Bolster provides visibility into how various data sources contribute to identifying phishing and scams. This will help users connect the dots between initial findings and the source feeds, improving their awareness and response to potential threats. 

Better Awareness, Trust, Transparency and Decision-Making

The redesigned Bolster dashboard offers a range of benefits for customers, centered around three key themes: 

  1. First, our dashboard changes enhance awareness and trust by effectively communicating the areas and data sources being monitored, thus making users more conscious of potential threats and instilling confidence that their interests are thoroughly protected.  
  2. Second, the dashboard provides transparency and insights into the steps being done to protect your business, allowing stakeholders to better understand the value they receive from their cybersecurity investment.  
  3. Lastly, it empowers customers to make informed decisions by providing competitive statistics and the ability to customize their protection strategies based on specific needs, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to cybersecurity. 
An example of domain data our dashboard can provide your security team to help make proactive decisions.

Designing a Trusted for All Organizations

The redesigned Bolster dashboard addressed customer pain points and delivers transparency, awareness, trust, and better decision-making. The visualization of data sources, plus the ability to trace the source of detections, further empowers customers to respond effectively to potential threats. Our redesigned dashboard provides customers with the tools they need to stay safe in an increasingly complex modern world of threats. 

The Bolster platform not only protects your business with better access to program threat data, but we also offer brand protection, localized threat detection, and phishing prevention.  

By acquiring relevant domains, monitoring for your branded assets across social media and app stores, and detecting all company-related data that exists on the dark web, Bolster is the industry-leading resource for digital threat protection. 

See how Bolster can work for your business by requesting a demo today. If you’re already a Bolster customer, contact your customer support representative with further questions about our new dashboard features.