Add Fraud Detection to your SaaS Platform with Real-Time Detection APIs

Just Two Lines of Code is all it Takes to Bolster your Platform Protection

Fraud detection Fraud detection

Phishing and scam links are being propagated across the Internet at alarming rates and the problem is particularly challenging for platform developers and security teams given the speed with which links are being shared across various channels. Today, many teams lack accurate and effective URL scanning mechanisms that can operate at the speeds and volumes needed, putting at risk both platform and people.

Bolster’s Real-time Detection API stops phishing and scams before they occur by monitoring at the source. With our sub-100- millisecond verdict you will unlock previously impossible use-cases to block fraudulent sites in real-time.

Scan millions of links a day across





Document Sharing

Document sharing
API solution

Configure With Just Two Lines Of Code

  • REST-based API blocks 14+ different scam types & scale to queries into the millions per day
  • 1 in 100,000 false-positive rate with smarts to unfurl URLs & redirects
  • Easy integration with just two API calls & results in industry-standard JSON format

The Solution

Broad and Extensible AI driven detection

Broad & Extensible
AI-Driven Detection

Block 14+ different scam types in real-time including phishing, adult sites, fake pharmacies, tech support scams, cryptojacking and more

Ultra accurate and ultra scalable


Our REST-based, real-time detection API has a demonstrated false-positive rate of 1 in 100,000, and scales easily into the millions of scans per day

Shortener proof


Link shorteners can’t fool our detection. Our web crawler unfurls the URL and redirects how a person might

Easy to integrate


Just two API calls and results in industry standar JSON format will hvae you up & running in no time


Just two lines of code

is all it takes for real-time phishing & scam protection

Real-time Phishing & Scam Protection for Your Platform & Enterprise

  • Zero-Day Phishing
  • Tech Support Scams
  • Gift Card Scams
  • Survey Scams
  • Adult Websites
  • Child Pornography
  • Mortgage/Refinance Scams
  • Drug Pharmacy Websites/Spam
  • Illegal/Rogue Streaming Sites
  • Hacked Websites
  • Cryptojacking / Cryptomining

How it Works:

  • Add URL scanning to your online platforms & enterprise communication platforms via REST-based API.
  • Just 2 lines of code is all takes to add protection, one to scan, one to return a result
  • Results in industry-standard JSON for easy integration
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Stop phishing & scam links from being shared on your platform & in your real time.

Your Online Platform
Your online platform
Your Enterprise
Your enterprise
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Detection API
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Next generation fraud prevention platform
Fraud Prevention Platform
API spots
  • Email systems
  • Chat Systems
  • Message Boards
  • Direct Messages
  • Share functionality
  • Public feeds

Behind the Scenes – AI-driven URL Scanning

Natural Language Processing

Read site intent with NLP

Read site intent

The Bolster Fraud & Risk Platform uses natural language processing to read through pages as a SOC analyst would and examines all site code to understand the intent of the site

Logo Detection & Computer Vision

Logo detection and computer vision

Recognize target logo and brand

Patent-pending computer vision algorithms go beyond basic object detection with 100+ examination points to classify the brand being infringed and the nature of the infringement.


Render a real time verdict

Render a real-time verdict

Deep learning combines outputs from natural language processing and computer vision models to deliver verdicts for all popular scam categories from phishing to financial scams to illicit content.

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