Phishing Detection API for Real-Time Malicious Site Detection.

Stop phishing before it occurs by monitoring where it occurs. Our <100-millisecond verdict unlocks previously impossible use-cases: scan millions of links a day across messaging, email, document sharing, and block frauduelnt websites in real time.

The state of platform abuse today.

Threat surface area is growing.

As free online platforms grow so does the threat surface area. Direct messages, public feeds, and share functionality are a hotbed for phishing, scamming, and other types of platform abuse.

Existing anti-abuse solutions don’t cut it.

Current solutions for platform abuse revolve around human input (user or employee oversight) or blacklists. Manual solutions require significant community participation or staffing resources, and don't scale. Blacklist-based solutions often can't catch newly created phishing sites or link shortened URLS (, etc).

A world without platform abuse.

Bolster’s Scam Detection API is your platform’s secret weapon.

Real-time and Zero-day

Our API utilizes a suite of deep-learning, computer vision, and NLP models to look at a website in real-time (<100ms). Before any blacklist stores the URL – before any human has time to look at it – our technology will detect a threat against your ecosystem. This unparalleled ability to detect a scam before the first victim makes this API the only zero-day solution on the market.

Broad and Extensible Detection

Our Scam Detection API can help you block 14+ different types of scams in real-time. These include phishing, adult sites, fake pharmacies, tech support scams, cryptojacking and others. New categories – specific to your business – can easily be added.


Link shorteners can’t fool our detection. Our web crawler unfurls the URL and redirects how a person might.


With just two API calls and results in industry standard JSON format, our APIs will get you up and running in no time.

High Accuracy

Our Scam Detection API is highly accurate with a False Positive rate of 1 in 100,000.

Highly Scalable

Our Scam Detection API scales based on your volume requirements. Whether your queries are in thousands or millions per day, we've got you covered.

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