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Platform Features

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Save Custom Filters

You have the ability to save and reuse filter combinations, referred to as “views.” You can name these views and edit both the views and associated filters. They have the option to create filters for personal use or for their brand. When creating filters, we’ve implemented real-time search and filtering capabilities for a seamless experience. […]

Custom Tags

This feature allows you to create a custom tag for a finding, which can then be saved for personal use or your team for future use. You can easily assign or remove custom tags from findings, just like they would with the pre-provided tags.  To edit or delete your custom tag, simply click on the […]

Bolster Insights

The Insights page displays when you drill into findings/detections. For example, you can click the URL for a finding in your Scan page results. Use the Insights page to: Sections Scan Results The Scan Results section displays the basic data points collected for the website. This is the information that Bolster sends to the abuse […]

Dispositions for Websites

The Bolster platform applies the following dispositions to websites after scanning:

URL Construction Field and Typosquat Variants

Bolster uses AI, natural language processing, text analytics, and other technology to determine whether a site needs further investigation. The URL Construction field displays important information resulting from these analyses.

Referrer URL Scanning with Phishing Detection APIs

The referrer URLs in your web server logs provide valuable information on where your site visitors are coming from. You can use these URLs with Bolster Phishing Detection APIs to help identify phishing websites that are targeting your brand. Bolster’s engine detects phishing on such URLs in real-time and helps you identify users who might […]

Using Tags to Annotate Detections

Adding a tag to each finding helps you categorize findings for next steps. Bolster provides a basic set of tags to use with any module except Dark Web.

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