Discover Automated Digital Risk Protection the Bolster Way 

Digital risk protection services are becoming harder and harder to tell apart, but Bolster rises above the competition, leveraging new technology to make the impossible possible.

Bolster's patented detection engines allows for the fastest, most scalable and highly accurate digital risk protection services that identifies online records, apps, and accounts infringing on your digital brand and automates their takedown without any manual intervention.

What Data Can Bolster See?

4 Millions URLs scanned everyday

4 million URLs scanned every day

4 Millions URLs scanned everyday

99.999% accuracy rate on detected risks

4 Millions URLs scanned everyday

Detect 80% of malicious sites in the first 6 hours

4 Millions URLs scanned everyday

300% more threat detection activity than leading competitors

Bolster’s DRPS Platform: How It Works

No matter your industry or level of cybersecurity program maturity, there is a reliable digital risk protection platform to help you identify and destroy malicious threats, preempting hackers before they can act against you.

Digital Risk Protection Platforms are managed solutions that protect digital assets and internal resources from external threats like cyberattacks and data breaches. As threats evolve, an effective DRPS platform continues to protect your business from the complex digital landscape.

Bolster DRPS Platform

What is DRPS to us?

It’s a way to leverage cutting-edge AI and deep-learning technology to accomplish the following:

  • Scale your business. As you grow, we continue to trawl the internet without pause to locate domain name lookalikes that can harm your efforts, no matter how your business grows.

  • Efficiently take those malicious actors down with automated tech that acts immediately, without manual effort needed from your team.

  • Trust your cyber threat decisions with trained models that remove opportunities for human error.

The benefits of this approach include: 

  • Automatic daily scans

  • 300% more threat detections than other leading service providers

  • Multi-pronged defense across the web, social media, app stores, and dark web

  • 95% of takedowns happen without manual intervention, reducing resource costs and manpower requirements

  • 99.999% accuracy on detected sites

Our digital risk protection software is an automated risk-protection system designed for organizations of all sizes.

Bolster DRPS Platform

Types of Digital Risks that Target Your Business

If it can go wrong, you can assume that it eventually will. Cyberattacks and data hackers are desperately searching for financial gain and access to sensitive data, and can exploit weaknesses in your cloud tech or training deficiencies in your workforce. They can even use backdoors from your third-party vendors.  Threats can originate internally as well as externally. Compliance failures in manual or automatic processes, phishing attacks, and typosquat domains threaten data integrity and endanger the privacy of both employees and customers.  A digital risk protection platform’s role in all this is to protect your outward-facing attack surfaces from threats — both inside and out.

Protect Your Digital Assets Across the Board


Domain squatters, including typosquatting, can use your brand name to defraud unsuspecting customers, employees, and partners. They mimic your brand to steal money with fake purchases, tarnishing your brand’s name. 

Our continuous internet scans detect malicious domains and perform takedowns on fake sites before they deal irreversible damage. 

Social Media

A brand impersonation can significantly damage your reputation, especially the more attention it gets. We can detect malicious uses of your company branded assets and halt attempts to phish or defraud your customers. 

With monitoring capabilities for all of the popular (and less common) social media platforms, Bolster prevents account name squatters from damaging your reputation with executive impersonation, fake job postings, and other popular social media scams .

App Store

The curated app store might seem like a safe place to do business, but fraudsters know they can mimic businesses on the app store, similarly to social media and website attacks. 

Bolster detects and takes down counterfeit versions of your app or unauthorized third-party applications that are pretending to be your business.

Dark Web

We’ll help you detect breaches both at the source, and after they happen. Bolster sees your customer, employee, and company security information leaked onto the dark web, and provides insight into what leaked and when, and what your business can do to patch the holes. 

Proactive intelligence efforts can also scan forums and marketplaces for discussions about potential weaknesses and efforts directed at your business so you can enhance your security to protect against an imminent attack.

The Importance of Digital Risk Protection

90% of data breaches originate from phishing attacks, which means employee training is critical in keeping your business safe from most digital assaults — for now. 

Cybercriminals are continuing to adapt in new and dangerous ways. Digital risk protection services maintain a constant watch on new criminal attack vectors and find new ways to counter them before they successfully come for you and your business.

Automation for Advanced Digital Risk Protection

With a 60-second mean time to response (MTTR), Bolster has automated the entire takedown service from start to finish. Our automation tools use machine learning programs trained to detect fake websites just like human IT experts, while conducting takedowns from start to finish faster than any human can.

Time is money, which is why Bolster’s six-and-a-half-second submission to the global blacklist matters. The automated search, analysis, and takedown process helps you protect consumers and employees long before copycats and domain squatters cause problems.

We can even take them down before they start with pre-build and build-stage fraudulent websites.

The longer a fake site stays online, the more damage it can do. When minutes count, trust in Bolster to takedown network threats in seconds.

Bolster DRPS Platform


Have questions?
Don’t worry — we have answers.

What is a Digital Risk Protection Service?

Digital risk protection services, or DRPS, monitor the internet for threats. With technology to analyze new domain name registries, the public internet, social media, app stores, and the dark web, DRPS providers keep pace with innovations in tech crime to stay ahead of hackers. 

What Can a Digital Risk Protection Service Do for My Business?

DRPS can help you monitor the internet for brand impersonation, such as counterfeit apps and domain squatters/typosquatters. It can also detect dark web discussions on how to target your sites or locate stolen information on the black market to better diagnose a breach. With an effective DRPS provider, businesses can safeguard their sensitive data, protect customers and employees from becoming the target of attacks, and prevent financial losses associated with attacks. 

Why is Bolster the Best Choice for Digital Risk Protection Services?

Bolster leverages powerful machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing to minimize detection-to-destruction intervals. AI and machine learning allow us to automate complex detection tasks and eliminate the need for time-consuming manual tasks your internal teams struggle to maintain. 95% of our software’s actions don't require any human confirmation or interaction, which helps our clients save time, resources, and staffing without skimping on high-quality protection. Bolster provides the necessary tools to monitor and prevent digital threats from targeting your domain, even as your business expands. 

How Does Automated Digital Risk Protection Differ from Traditional Digital Risk Protection?

Automated digital risk protection uses faster, more flexible tools that combine identification and takedown processes into one simple to use platform. Traditional methods require time-consuming, manual network checks, and cost more time and money to scale, while automated digital risk protection operates in the background 24/7. 

How Quickly Can Bolster Start Working for My Organization?

Bolster starts work right away. No new hires, no setup, no admin, no problem. Request a demo and start protecting your business right away. 

What Kind of Cyberattacks Does Digital Risk Protection Protect My Organization From?

DRPS covers a variety of scams and cyberattacks. From counterfeit websites, fraudulent app store postings and social media accounts, to scheming on the dark web to stolen data monitoring, DRPS can protect all types of external-facing assets that can be used to trick employees, customers, and partners.  DRPS scans the entire internet to protect your company’s identity as you grow and become an ever-more-tempting target for attackers.

Schedule a demo to start scanning immediately and stop criminals from abusing your reputation.