The Top 7 Red Points Competitors for 2023

BOLSTER provides leading monitoring and takedown technology

Brand protection technology solutions are designed to identify infringement of your logo and trademark, take down fake sites and uses of your brand, and protect your company’s reputation.

Along with Brandshield, Red Points is one of the emerging brand protection solutions in the market. Despite its reputation as a solid brand protection vendor, multiple alternatives on the market can serve your organization’s needs. In this post we will review Red Points competitors.

Choosing the right solution for your business is vital for success. Suffering from brand-related cyber attacks can make it hard for customers, partners, and prospects to trust your organization. With that in mind, here are seven of the best Red Points competitors.


The first noteworthy Red Points competitor is, a best-in-class platform for technology and threat detection you can trust. Bolster not only provides automated detection of infringements to your brand but automates the takedown of spoofed websites and malicious accounts.

Bolster can even suggest defensive domain strategies, allowing you to proactively register them and stop typosquatting attacks before they impact your network.

Bolster is powered by dynamic, artificial intelligence-based detection software. This technology can scan everything from social media platforms, to app stores, and even the dark web. Its real-time scanning capabilities enable the platform to detect suspect websites more efficiently than other domain monitoring tools on the market.

When fake sites, social profiles, or compromised domains are detected, Bolster can conduct takedowns on behalf of the customer, shortening the time hackers have to wreak havoc.

Bolster features intuitive dashboards that enhance collaboration between your security, fraud, brand management, and marketing teams. Bolster integrates easily with your current risk management technology and processes and can be deployed in minutes without requiring software installations.

Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect

Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect is designed to uncover impersonation attacks. The platform continuously scans the web for sites impersonating your domain and notifies you if a suspicious website is detected so you can take action.

Additionally, Mimecast Brand Exploit Protect assists with remediation, helping contain threats to your brand. The platform can reduce damage to your brand image during a compromise and help protect your consumers from falling victim to cybercrime.


Fakesburster is intended for both brands and consumers. On the consumer front, it helps people identify and report fake products. For brands, the platform provides counterfeit intelligence tools and reporting capabilities to track threats to brand image. Fakesburster can also help businesses prevent fraudsters from returning knock-off goods.

Overall, it’s praised for its user-friendly nature and simple interface. However, it doesn’t offer remediation assistance, so if you detect a potentially fraudulent website with Fakesburster, you’ll have to take it down using other resources.


Price2Spy is one of the few Red Points alternatives providing nearly identical features and tools.

Primarily, the platform functions as a pricing analytics and monitoring tool for e-commerce brands. It helps users reprice products without conducting manual price reviews.

However, since it can monitor pricing information across any e-commerce site, Price2Spy also functions as a brand protection tool. E-commerce brands can use the solution to determine whether cybercriminals have spoofed their websites by scouring the internet for “too good to be true” sales.


AbuseIPDB is not a direct Red Points competitor but within the same domain monitoring niche. AbuseIPDB is a self-reporting tool businesses can use to report or locate IP addresses linked to suspicious or malicious online activity.

The search platform is easy to use; you only need to enter an IP address and hit the “check” button. It also enables you to report compromised IPs quickly and easily.

AbuselPDB can’t help you identify concerning websites unless you have an IP address. You’ll likely need to use a separate tool, such as DNSTwist or Price2Spy, to obtain the IP address you want to report.

Alternatively, you could implement an all-in-one solution, like, which offers detection, domain monitoring, and remediation in a single, convenient package.


DNSTwist is a user-friendly domain protection and typosquatting detection tool. It’s helpful in combating URL impersonations, phishing attacks, and fraud. The platform features a website permutation engine, meaning it creates variants of your domain, checks to see if they’re registered, and generates a report of its findings.

DNSTwist is available in two formats. The more straightforward option is a browser-based version that you run straight from your preferred internet browser, while the more advanced solution requires installation using a Linux-based framework.

The tool is known for being straightforward to implement (unless you opt for the Linux-based approach). However, it doesn’t offer remediation services, meaning you’ll need to take down rogue websites using other means.


Rounding out our list of Red Points alternatives is Incopro. This well-rounded platform offers a variety of tools that brands can use to protect themselves and their customers. Features include channel protection, revenue protection, and IP protection.

Incopro has powerful report-generation tools that you can use to assess your vulnerability. You can use these reports to pinpoint the biggest threats to your brand and take action to preserve your brand image to look out for your customers’ best interests.

The Bottom Line on the Best Red Points Competitors

Investing in brand protection technology, like, as a Red Points alternative has become a necessity in the modern digital ecosystem. Threats to your brand are numerous and are consistently evolving in maturity.

When threats go undetected, an organization’s brand reputation can suffer, and the revenue impacts to restore business operations and gain-back consumer trust can be severe. Threats aren’t limited to fake websites or phishing attacks: organizations face threats from many channels in our growing digital economy.

Between social media impersonations and brand misrepresentation, fraudulent app store postings, and information on the dark web, traditional cybersecurity protection processes like yearly assessments aren’t enough anymore.

The only way to secure your brand’s reputation and protect your customers is to be proactive. The solutions outlined above provide the tools and features to detect threats and take down malicious content before they tarnish your organization’s reputation and hurt customer trust.

Start monitoring and protecting your network from brand impersonation attacks, malicious domains, and more with Bolster’s encompassing detection and takedown technology. Download our Guide to Domain Monitoring and Detection today.