Discover the Bolster Dark Web Monitoring and Insights Dashboard: Fast-Track Visibility of Credential Threats


The dark web poses a complex and pervasive threat environment for businesses, offering a breeding ground for various illicit activities. In this shadowy corner of the internet, threat actors leverage anonymity and encryption to engage in malicious behavior, often targeting valuable credentials, credit cards, and business executives. 

To facilitate business’s fight against dark web threats, and make the overall digital environment safer for all, we launched Bolster’s Dark Web Monitoring Insights Dashboard. The new dashboard and updated dark web monitoring capabilities provide a fast-track view to achieve quick visibility and remediation of login credential threats originating on the dark web.   

What is the Bolster Insights Dashboard?

Bolster’s Dark Web Monitoring technology has always provided around-the-clock scanning and management of dark web threats on behalf of customers. With the data categorization and visualization found in the Dark Web Monitoring Insights Dashboard, customers can visualize top-priority credential threats efficiently, stay ahead of emerging threat trends, and quickly work to remediate attacks.  

Credential theft and login compromise is the #1 most leveraged attacker category: constituting 3.9 million unique attacks in 2023 alone. Credentials such as emails, passwords, and PIN numbers give attackers access to sensitive data and systems, and could lead to large-scale data breaches when not quickly identified.  

When any credential threats are discovered on the dark web, the Bolster updated fast-track functionality categorizes the threat, scores their impact to an organization, and then delivers custom workflows to initiate risk remediation.    

Discover the power of Bolster Dark Web Monitoring. 

Why Bolster’s Dark Web Insights Dashboard Is Different

With the new Dark Web fast-track view, customers combine Bolster’s legacy scanning technology with fully customizable filters to achieve an actionable view of threats, enabling security teams to take immediate action to protect their most sensitive information.   

Unlike other dark web monitoring technology on the market, our Dark Web Monitoring dashboard is designed to empower security teams to understand their most mission-critical risks. The new dark web fast track view gives instant visibility into potential data breaches and correlates the data with phishing or online scam campaigns unfolding across multiple attack channels.  

The Bolster Insights Dashboard summarizes the exposed business-critical credentials all in one view.

Bolster’s updated Dark Web fast track view brings instant insight into the credentials that are most at risk to organizations and maps the attack chain across all online vectors to give a comprehensive view of a phishing campaign within one central platform. 

Hear about what sets Bolster apart, and how we prioritize critical dark web use cases in our Dark Web Monitoring webinar and dashboard demo. 

Fast identification of threats

With Bolster Dark Web Monitoring, users have immediate access to the risk data relevant to their business. With quicker identification of high priority threats, security teams can efficiently remediate dark web threats, reducing the amount of time their sensitive data sits vulnerable to threat actors on the dark web. 

Bolster Insights Dashboard provides users specific details surrounding exposed data (including exposure source) all in one, up-front view.

Bolster customers can now create risk panels specific to the threat types their business deals with the most, such as email domains, credit card data, employee account info, and more. These panels will showcase more credential risk than ever before, up-front and easy for customers to access.  

Instead of having to dig around in your dark web monitoring tool to find which specific employee accounts are exposed, or which user credit cards have been compromised, the Bolster Insights Dashboard displays this critical data up-front in your customized dashboard. We also display source data for the exposed credentials to provide the complete picture of risk right where you need it. 

Remediation playbooks to facilitate your workflow

On top of our fast-tracked view of business-critical risks on the dark web, Bolster’s Dark Web Monitoring platform provides access to remediation support. With our customizable playbooks set up to provide advanced alerts for granular threats, your team can take quick action to protect exposed data.  

Bolster playbooks facilitate quick remediation of dark web threats.

Customers can set up alerts for a specific threat, say “Stolen Credit Cards”, so when exposure occurs, they are immediately alerted to the specific exposed card numbers and owner names. With quick access to the specific data, customers can notify the card owner and immediately issue new cards. 

The longer your sensitive data lives on the dark web, the more potential it has to land in the hands of attackers.  With Bolster’s advanced alerts for granular threats, and access to differentiated playbooks based on your business-critical credentials, your team can quickly remediate dark web threats.  

The Dark Web Threat Landscape: Why It’s Important Now More than Ever

Businesses continue to face a heightened risk of cyber threats on the dark web, with malicious actors actively targeting sensitive information, intellectual property, and financial assets. Understanding the dark web threat landscape and having the ability to quickly identify critical threats on the dark web is essential for organizations to safeguard against potential breaches that could have far-reaching consequences. 

The human impact of dark web activity extends beyond the business realm; individuals can be extremely impacted by experiencing data exposure on the dark web. With personal information exposed, the potential for danger (think stalking, financial loss, and ransom) can truly affect your customers, employees, and partners at a human level.  

Don’t bog down your dark web monitoring process shifting through vast amounts of data; utilize the risk monitoring and data insights tool to protect your business, and more importantly, your people.  

Start protecting your business on the dark web today

Bolster has continued to innovate in the detection of phishing and scam activity across the Internet. Since its launch in 2017, Bolster has worked towards their mission to make the internet a safer place by creating their own artificial intelligence that delivers threat detection at speed and scale. With the launch of the Insights Dashboard, Bolster adds to its existing suite of artificial intelligence solutions designed to combat the growing challenge of phishing and scams. 

To learn more about quickly identifying risk exposure on the dark web with Bolster, request a demo with our team today.