Why Do Scammers Want You to Use Telegram?


Privacy and anonymity are coveted – and talked about – more than ever. With a global active monthly user base exceeding 900 million, Telegram is a popular choice for messaging. Unlike other apps such as Signal and WhatsApp, Telegram emphasizes its unique features that cater to privacy-conscious users, but unfortunately, those same features have also made it a preferred platform for cybercriminals.

Why Do Scammers Want You to Use Telegram?

Anonymity & Ease

Telegram allows users to interact without revealing their phone numbers, relying solely on usernames for communication. This feature is particularly appealing for those seeking to maintain anonymity. And unlike accessing the dark web, which requires specialized browsers like Tor and a certain level of technical know-how, Telegram is easily accessible through standard app stores, making it a convenient tool for both everyday users and cybercriminals.

Lack of Moderation (A Breeding Ground for Cybercrime)

In addition to the above, minimal content moderation on Telegram creates an environment where cybercriminals can operate with little fear of detection, making it a preferred platform for illicit activities.

The absence of strict oversight allows illegal activities to flourish, providing a safe space for criminals to conduct their operations without significant risk.

A Hub for Illegal Activities

Why do scammers want you to use Telegram? Altogether, cybercriminals flock to Telegram to trade stolen financial data, sell fake IDs, distribute vaccine certificates, and offer hijacked streaming service accounts, among other illegal transactions.

The app’s vast user base and ease of use make it an ideal destination for these illicit activities.

Financial Fraud and Data Breaches

On Telegram, sellers offer a wide array of data for financial fraud, including both physical and digital carding, stolen bank account credentials, and pre-KYC verified crypto exchange accounts. Data breaches that were initially leaked or sold on various forums often find their way to Telegram channels, where they are either sold or shared freely. These channels make it easy for cybercriminals to distribute and profit from stolen information.

Hijacked Accounts and Fake IDs

The sale of hijacked accounts for streaming services, VPNs, and other platforms is rampant on Telegram. Accounts for services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, Spotify, and various VPN providers are frequently sold at lower prices. In addition to these, cybercriminals also trade fake documents such as drivers’ licenses, passports, social security cards, and birth certificates, making Telegram a significant player in the realm of identity fraud.

Tutorials and Bragging

Not only do cybercriminals provide illicit services on Telegram, but they also share tutorials and tips for committing fraud. Some users boast about their illegal earnings, using these public displays to lure in new recruits. This culture of sharing and boasting creates an environment where cybercrime can thrive and evolve.

The Challenge of Taking Down Illegal Channels

Despite Telegram’s efforts to moderate content, many illegal channels and group chats continue to evade detection. Criminals often set up backup channels to ensure continuity of their operations, making enforcement a difficult task. These backup channels remain inactive until the primary channel is taken down, at which point they become active, allowing the illicit activities to persist.

How Bolster Can Help Stop Illicit Activities

Bolster offers a cutting-edge brand protection software solution to combat the spread of illegal activities on Telegram. By leveraging domain monitoring, advanced dark web artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies, Bolster can accurately detect and take down malicious content across public channels. Here’s how Bolster can make a difference:

Automated Detection and Takedown

Bolster’s platform automatically scans Telegram for malicious content, analyzing and identifying illegal activities such as the sale of stolen data, fake documents, and hijacked accounts. Once detected, the platform swiftly initiates takedown procedures, minimizing the time these illicit activities remain active.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Bolster provides continuous monitoring of Telegram channels, ensuring that any newly created or backup channels used by cybercriminals are quickly identified and dealt with. This proactive approach helps in staying ahead of criminals who frequently change channels to avoid detection.

Threat Intelligence Integration

By integrating with existing threat intelligence systems, Bolster enhances an organization’s ability to detect and respond to threats. This integration provides a holistic view of the cyber threat landscape, allowing for more effective mitigation strategies.

Education and Training

Bolster emphasizes the importance of educating employees about the risks associated with using Telegram. By offering training programs and resources, Bolster helps organizations build a security-conscious workforce capable of recognizing and avoiding potential scams.

Real-Time Alerts and Reporting

The platform provides real-time alerts and detailed reports on detected threats, enabling security teams to respond swiftly and effectively. This ensures that organizations are always aware of the latest threats and can take immediate action to protect their assets.

Telegram’s combination of anonymity, ease of use, and lack of strict moderation makes it an attractive platform for scammers and cybercriminals. However, with Bolster’s advanced detection and takedown capabilities, organizations can effectively combat these threats. By understanding the risks and implementing robust security measures with Bolster’s help, it is possible to mitigate the dangers posed by nefarious actors on Telegram.

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