Stop Account Takeovers From Taking Over Your Online Business

Use Bolster for Early Detection of Phishing Campaigns and Compromised Accounts

Costly verification and purchase of domains

Account Takeovers are the
Achilles Heal of Online Business

Account takeovers are an ever-present challenge for security teams to both detect and stop them. Phishing sites posing as your brand and aiming to steal account credentials remains the primary attack vector for fraudsters to gain access to customer accounts inside your online business. And fraudsters are smart oftentimes redirecting compromised users from phishing site to real site leaving users oblivious while fraudsters cover their tracks. These sneaky techniques are rampant, and virtually impossible to detect and prevent without proper mechanisms in place.

Real-Time Account Takeover Detection and Protection

Compromised Users

Use HTTP referrer logs to identify potentially compromised users & trigger password resets or account locks

Detect & Block
Phishing Sites

Use with phishing pixel beacon to identify, block & take down phishing sites & lock affected accounts

Execute Zero-Touch

Automatically take down phishing sites as they are detected, preventing one account takeover from turning into thousands

Easily Integrate
with Operations

Augment security operations with real-time detection & automated protection in just a few steps

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Protect against account takeovers in real-time using Bolster URL scanning and threat intelligence

  • Automatically identify compromised users, protect accounts, block & take down phishing sites, all in real-time
  • Scan website data to detect users coming from known phishing sites & lock accounts or issue password resets
  • Detect, block & take down phishing sites & lock potentially affected account

Fraud Prevention Platform

Detect and stop account takeovers from taking over your business



Fraud detection



60 sec

Mean Time to Response (MTTR)


2 mins

Avg API based
takedown time


Without manual

6.5 sec

Submissions to global blacklists

Stop account takeovers with AI-driven detection & fully-automated protection

How It Works:

  1. 1a
    Use with phishing pixel beacon to detect phishing sites in real-time
  2. 1b
    Scan referrer URLs in web logs to detect traffic incoming from phishing sites
  3. 2
    Use account level detection inputs to automatically initiate password resets or lock the affected customer accounts
  4. 3
    Use site level detection inputs to automatically take down active phishing sites

Site Takedowns in the first 24 hours


Takedown rate in the first 24 hours


Suspicious sites identified & monitored in 1st month


Number of hosting providers


Number of countries

Real-Time Protecion at Global Scale

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"I have been very impressed with Bolster's speed and efficiency in detecting and removing fraudulent sites targeting Zoom's customers. The technology, analytics and support are world class and have enabled us to better protect the Zoom community against these threats."

Richard Farley

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