Domain Monitoring

A service that tracks the use of registered domains and alerts users when potential threats are flagged.

What is Domain Monitoring?

Cybercriminals imitate brands online to phish for login credentials, sell counterfeit products and steal revenue, host malware, harm an organization's reputation, and more. A common method is through typosquatting, where malicious actors create websites with domains that are intentionally misspelled or misleading. (ie. instead of They then take advantage of users’ typing errors or send phishing emails to trick unsuspecting users into visiting the fake site.

A business's domain can have thousands of domain variations across all TLDs, all vulnerable to the attacks listed above. Domain monitoring helps a business keep track of these domains. Advanced solutions may offer additional monitoring of active & passive DNS, zone & WHOIS files & SSL certificates & logs to identify malicious threat intent and changes in the threat landscape.

Bolster's Domain Monitoring Solution

Why Do Organizations Need Domain Monitoring Solutions?

Your domain name is a valuable part of your business identity, so you need to keep it free from cyber threats. Unfortunately, as the number of cyber attacks continue to rise and become more sophisticated, the chances your company will be affected is rising. However, managing the huge number of potential typosquat domains can be overwhelming.

A URL of only six characters could have up to 12,000 possible look-alike domains and the number increases exponentially with each character you add. Of course, organizations can attempt to keep tabs themselves and proactively purchase possible domain names, but this is neither economical nor viable due to the sheer number of domain possibilities.

Alternatively, a domain monitoring solution can efficiently detect typosquats and domain variants as they are registered. AI can determine the severity of the risk and help you prioritize which sites to deal with first.

What to Look for in a Domain Monitoring Solution?

You recognize the risk, and you’re ready to implement a domain monitoring solution to protect your business, but where do you start? Here are a few things to look for when it’s time to decide which platform to choose:

Continuous monitoring - With consistent, efficient, AI-based tracking and detection, you’ll receive alerts as new sites are registered so you can begin takedown before bad actors fool their victims, steal information, or damage your reputation.
An intuitive dashboard - With robust threat data and recommendations at your fingertips, your security teams can make informed decisions and take action sooner to reduce your threat landscape.
Remediation capabilities - Once threats are detected, you need the option to remove sites that can harm your business automatically. And you need a solution with the legal expertise and established partnerships to do it with speed and accuracy.
Domain acquisition advice - Your company can’t prevent bad actors from spoofing your site by purchasing all possible variant domains. The cost is too prohibitive. However, keeping some of the largest risks out of their hands might make sense. A domain monitoring solution can help balance your risk level with your budget.

Domain monitoring companies have the technical know-how to scan the internet for potential domain spoofing attacks and the expertise to help you mitigate the risk. The right domain tool can protect your brand, employees, and customers – and save your business time, resources, and hassle.

So what's next?

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