For a better understanding of Domain Spoofing, it's important to understand what is Domain?

A domain or better known as a Domain name is the full name of a website for example “”. In organizations, the domain appears within the email address after the ‘@’ symbol, for instance, a personal account uses ‘’ or ‘’.

When cybercriminals impersonate a website or email domain to deceive users, this is known as Domain Spoofing. The purpose of domain spoofing is to deceive a person into interacting with a malicious email or phishing website. Domain spoofing works like a con artist who develops trust by sharing relatable information before taking advantage of them.

Domain spoofing is often used in phishing attacks. Such an attack intends to steal personal or sensitive information such as credit card details or login credentials, some phishing attacks trick the user to download a malicious file or application to their devices and compromise its security.

Cybercriminals choose to spoof the most familiar or popular email addresses, websites, and other online entities. This reduces the level of doubt, as people tend to trust this information more easily and fall for it.