The Best 5 Brand Protection Software Solutions in 2023

BOLSTER provides organizations with the tools and technology needed to protect their brand

Suppose you have searched for ways to protect your brand from cybersecurity threats and impersonations. In that case, you know firsthand just how many options there are for brand protection software.

One popular approach organizations use domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance (DMARC). However, DMARC has several glaring limitations that can leave your organization vulnerable, so we recommend leveraging comprehensive brand protection services instead.

Which service providers offer the best brand protection solutions for your business? We have composed a list of the top five online brand protection software companies in 2023.


1) Bolster

Bolster is a platform that provides robust brand protection tools and solutions designed to reduce your company’s exposure to online threats without requiring more work for your internal team. It is intuitive, easy to use, and powerful.


Bolster offers brand protection, phishing and scam monitoring, typosquatting detection, and automated takedown services when threats are detected, so users don’t need to worry about taking manual action. It even offers social media brand protection, scanning the top platforms for accounts attempting to emulate your brand, including elements like your logo or profiles for executives.


Bolster is a trusted, one-stop shop for brand protection and remediation needs. Instead of providing a single solution or tool, Bolster offers a comprehensive array of software and features to resolve the most common, diligent threat vectors.


As Bolster has many tools and solutions, deciding which combination of services is right for your business can be challenging. Fortunately, Bolster offers a free trial so that you can explore all that it has to offer.

What Makes Bolster the Top Solution for Brand Protection?

Bolster provides everything you need to preserve your brand’s reputation and protect your customers from falling for a fake representation of your company. Its tools are user-friendly, easy to implement, and, most importantly, effective. Bolster’s customers experience a proven 278% ROI when using the platform to protect against attacks, including brand impersonations.

The platform also offers 24/7 monitoring, real-time alerts, and the support of the platform’s knowledgeable team. Bolster specializes in threat remediation services, meaning it will assist in the removal of spoofed websites or other domains that could damage your brand and deceive customers.

2) Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a brand protection software solution designed to help businesses detect potential threats to their digital presence and market share. Although it typically specializes in social media monitoring tools, Brandwatch also offers other online monitoring capabilities.


Brandwatch provides research tools that enable users to understand target audiences better. It also offers monitoring capabilities that can be used to guide content creation.


Brandwatch is a good solution for gauging the brand reputation across the digital ecosystem, providing actionable intelligence that you can use to improve the efficacy of marketing efforts.


Brandwatch is not an all-in-one brand protection software. Instead, it focuses on assessing your company’s ranking and visibility online. It can also be used as a research tool to detect consumer trends, but it should not function as your primary threat protection solution.

3) MarkMonitor

MarkMonitor offers protection and brand-building tools, and the platform can assist with domain security and management. MarkMonitor also provides consulting services.


MarkMonitor offers continuous domain monitoring and reporting capabilities, and it will push real-time alerts should a threat be detected. The software will support user response efforts via its built-in security tools.


MarkMonitor offers a balanced set of features, tools, and capabilities. It can also assist with monitoring and managing multiple domains and subdomains, making it a good choice for brands with a far-reaching online presence.


MarkMonitor can be costly, making it less practical for small to medium-sized businesses. Additionally, its implementation process can be labor-intensive and tedious.

4) Corsearch

Corsearch uses a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence software to power its brand protection. Corsearch team is known for primarily for takedowns on marketplaces.


Corsearch’s solutions include several features, including counterfeit protection, IP protection, and investigative services. Corsearch monitors the dark web to uncover sites that pose a threat to your brand.


Corsearch’s AI-powered platform is capable of providing businesses with extensive threat protection. It can uncover difficult-to-locate threats, notify users, and help act promptly to preserve brand reputation.


Despite its robust feature set, Corsearch offers limited remediation services. They will provide consultative support, but you will be tasked with leading all remediation and threat-elimination efforts in-house.

5) mFilterIt

mFilterIt is designed to improve the reach and efficacy of your paid search campaigns by filtering out unsuitable content that does not align with the target brand image. The platform also safeguards brands from account takeover attempts, fake sites, and fraud campaigns.


mFilterIt operates via the use of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence tools. These solutions will flag concerning the content, send automated alerts, and help users with brand protection.


mFilterIt supports over 50 languages and provides global coverage, making it one of the more accessible brand protection software solutions on the market, enabling it to address numerous infringement and brand safety concerns.


Past mFilterIt users have voiced concerns that the platform offers limited features and is difficult to customize.

What You Need to Know About Brand Protection Software

What Is Brand Protection Software?

Brand protection is a form of technology designed to help you manage online information about your company and your services and products. It can help your team monitor for and identify unauthorized sites attempting to commit fraud against your customers.

It can also monitor the activities of authorized vendors or dealers to ensure that they adhere to your company standards. It can track pricing information, monitor ad campaigns, and proactively protect your reputation.

What Strategies Can Companies Deploy to Protect Their Brands Online?

The first step toward succeeding at brand protection involves deploying a robust brand protection software solution that includes automation tools, monitoring services, and real-time alerts.

Additionally, companies must develop a comprehensive remediation strategy outlining how to respond to threats. Doing so will enable the brand to address any concerns uncovered by its brand protection software proactively.

What Are the Key Considerations to Look for in Brand Protection Software?

The best brand protection software solutions include automated monitoring tools and offer real-time alerts. You should also find a solution that additionally provides remediation services, so the platform can help you take down unauthorized sites once they are located without waiting for your team to take action. Ensure that an expert support team backs the solution you choose to pursue.

Are There Any Free or Open-Source Tools for Brand Protection?

Unfortunately, while some open-source brand protection tools are out there, most offer a minimal set of features, meaning they can only be used to address a particular type of threat. As such, they will not be suitable for protecting your brand against the dynamic threat landscape in today’s digital environment.

How Much Does Brand Protection Software Typically Cost?

Brand protection software pricing generally varies based on the size of your company, how many users you have, and how many domains and subdomains you manage.

The good news is that many brand protection software solutions offer a free demo to try them out before you subscribe.

Safeguard Your Reputation with the Best Brand Protection Software

Bolster is the leading brand protection software, providing expert support and a trusted suite of domain and brand protection resources that will help improve your company’s cybersecurity stance. From our guide to modern brand protection to our broad range of tools and software you can demo with your data, we give your team everything it needs to make the best brand protection software decision and decrease your threat vulnerability.

Suppose you are ready to learn more about how Bolster can help you proactively remediate vulnerabilities and protect business continuity. In that case, we invite you to schedule a custom demo or start your free trial.