How to Protect Your Brand: Tips and Tricks From Bolster

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Brands get defrauded every day. Crowds of counterfeiters create fake websites to impersonate organizations and businesses. In 2019, online counterfeiting increased by 27%, and there are no indications that online counterfeiting and fraud activity will be abating any time soon. One of the key strategies by criminals is to overwhelm companies with a sheer volume of fraudulent activity, counting on the fact that they cannot all be stopped or taken down. Brands all over the world and across all industries are under attack as the Internet has made it easy for cybercriminals hoping to hijack data, customers, and payments.

In 2020, experts expect $323 billion in losses, but Bolster offers an easy solution to protect your brand from cybercriminals. Our online brand protection fights the scale of the threat with the scale of our technology.

What is online brand protection?

Online brand protection is a series of techniques used to search for, detect, and dismantle counterfeit sites impersonating your brand. Through Bolster’s unique AI technology, we defend your brand against a variety of attempted attacks in real time, allowing you to focus on operating your business. Malevolent sites are taken down within minutes of detection without human intervention, all through our automated platform and electronic integration with leading hosting companies.

  1. Make sure it’s automated
    Bolster’s average time from detection to takedown is just three minutes. Our online brand protection works faster and more effectively than any other method to detect and confront counterfeit sites. Bolster’s AI tech uses natural language processing, deep learning, and image recognition to spot fraud sites that copy and use your company’s assets. With our continuous monitoring, you can rest easy knowing your brand is shielded from day one.
  2. Choose accurate online brand protection
    Bolster’s false positive range is 1 in 100,000, so you can feel confident that our efforts won’t be wasted. AI is the most effective form of brand protection because it can search and analyze results at incredibly fast rates. Human-based services can take days to ferret out a single site. By then, the damage has been done.
  3. Avoid the blacklists
    Most brand protection services use blacklists to log known threats. This creates delays as cybercriminals sidestep the lists with new fraud sites and abandon old ones. Relying on blacklists is like walking around barefoot to find broken glass. You’ll only know it’s there after the damage is done. Bolster takes brand protection further, detecting and acting on threats before they’re even on the blacklists.
  4. Look for zero-day results
    Time is precious when scammers attack. If you rely on human-based brand theft detection, you’ll lose vital days to research, analysis, and decision making. The end result is mammoth-sized financial damage. With Bolster, you always know threats are being hunted down and ended in real time, often before the fraud attempts get off the ground.
  5. Monitor 24/7
    You never know when a criminal is going to set up a counterfeit or scam site, so continuous monitoring is critical. Once you take down a site, how do you ensure that it won’t appear again the next day? You can’t. However, Bolster monitors sites that have been taken down and even just suspicious sites in general, so we can take them down in minutes if or when they do become malicious.
  6. Go with a trusted service
    Phishing and fraud solutions are big business. While your brand has plenty of options for security, Bolster has become a trusted name thanks to advanced technology and reliable results. Top companies like Uber, LinkedIn, Zoom, and Dropbox trust us to defend their brands because of our unique technology and superior results.

Bolster online brand protection services

When scammers and counterfeiters target your brand, your detection window is narrow. Fraud sites quickly rack up costs related to time, money, and consumer confidence. Our brand protection services are fully automated and accurate, with no extra effort needed from your team.

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