Protecting Customers in the Dark Web and Around the Clock


At Bolster, it has always been our mission to make the internet a safer place. Today, we are proud to announce that Bolster will offer an extension of our easy-to-use playbooks into the dark web as well as the availability of 24/7 support. These two offerings were created with our customers in mind – protecting them against bad actors in the darkest corners of the internet and being there for them whenever they need it the most.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect:

Truly Actionable Dark Web Monitoring

Designed for actionable insight, Bolster’s Dark Web monitoring allows our customers to gather threat intelligence across the dark web and predict how threat actors will behave and act. Customers can discover hacking tools, exploit kits, relevant chatter and how that affects their brand. Then, the Bolster platform will offer easy-to-configure, automated playbook responses, a favorite of customers already, to deliver the most effective risk mitigation strategy internally.

Bolster allows for curated responses to active findings on the Dark Web

It was critical for us to ensure our customers could take proactive steps to protect against attacks when they see organizational risks on the dark web. When an organization’s sensitive data is detected, Bolster playbooks create a customized response such as alerting team members in the organization who is relevant to the threat, such as human resources, legal, or fraud teams or creating a ticket for IT to instantly issue a password reset.

Expert 24/7 Support Plans

We understand that attackers do not follow a normal workday, and neither should we. Unexpected incidents may arise at any time of the day and would require immediate attention and support. At Bolster, we now offer global 24x7x365 support through our Premium and Platinum support services.  Our global support team is comprised of highly skilled SOC experts who work around the clock to provide high-quality assistance.

Compare Bolster’s support plans side by side:

Customers can upgrade to Premium or Platinum support from their default Standard support

With these new support packages, a dedicated team of Bolster experts will guide our customers through their journey and ensure that they are maximizing the value of the Bolster platform. With Bolster Platinum, customers can experience a comfortable, hands-free process where Bolster will be 100% managing their external security attack surface. These two new support packages will ensure that our customers will always have a skilled team by their side to tackle any challenges as they come.

Darkest Corners of the ‘Net, Darkest Hours of the Day

With dark web monitoring built into the Bolster platform, customers have the one consistent, intuitive experience to track threats across any online channel across open web, social, app store, and now dark web. In addition, around the clock expert support gives our customers the ease of mind to know they have an army of experts waiting for them should anything happen. Ease of use and a hands-off remediation process will help ease training and administration as well as refocus IT resources on other core business objectives.

Bolster’s mission has always been to build the most automated and easy-to-use products to combat digital fraud and make the Internet safe for everyone. Our mission has gotten us here today which is to always be there for our customers – whether it be in the darkest corners of the internet or the darkest hours of the day.

Want to understand your Dark Web risks?

Anyone can take a test drive of our dark web monitoring capabilities and get a live demo of the threats to their brand. Click here to book a live dark web demo today!