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Cyber threats, like phishing, brand impersonations, and dark web threats don’t need to keep you up at night. With Bolster’s industry-leading LLM security platform, you’re team will have continuous visibility and threat protection against evolving risks.

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  • Continuous monitoring for typosquat domains
  • Detection and takedown of social media scams
  • Unrestricted view into where your data exists on the dark web

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What's Included

Protect your brand and business in real time

fraud prevention

Business Email Compromise

fraud prevention

Brand Protection

fraud prevention

Phishing & Scam Protection

fraud prevention

Fraud Prevention

fraud prevention

Domain Protection

fraud prevention

App Store Monitoring

fraud prevention

Real-time Detection API

fraud prevention

Social Media Protection

Customer Story

Our Customers Use Bolster's AI Security Technology to Protect Against Cyber Scams Across the Board

Hear from our customers directly about how they use Bolster to protect against threats.

This product pays for itself. It was honestly the easiest and quickest renewal that I had this year because when you put pen to paper on Bolster’s ROI, it’s just a no brainer.
Bolster is one of the few security products where we get immediate visibility of counterfeit websites and more importantly, immediate response for takedowns. Their reporting and customer support are simply the best!
Bolster is very good. Domain security is a real thing and with Bolster, it definitely opened our eyes to anything that comes up. Now we know how much the attackers can do with certain information and simply track registered domains mimicking our brand.
I really like how Bolster uses their image recognition to detect phishing sites. They are amazing at surfacing threat intelligence, so that we can prioritize threats and take the right corrective action. On top of the technology, they offer a great customer support experience.
My favorite thing about Bolster - I don't have to do a thing. No diverted employee time; no new hires; no setup; no admin. Plus there's full visibility into results and impact.
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