SSO Setup

Single Sign On (SSO) with OneLogin

1- Login OneLogin as administrator

2- Switch to ‘Administration’ mode

3- Choose ‘Applications’ from menu

4- Click on ‘Add App’ button

5- Search ‘SAML Custom’ in the search box and choose ‘SAML Custom Connector (Advanced)’ from search result

6- In the ‘Add SAML Custom Connector (Advanced)’ UI, enter ‘Bolster Platform’ or anything preferred as display name, then click ‘Save’ button.

7- Open ‘Bolster Platform’ from the application list

8- Switch to ‘Configuration’ tab

9- Fill in following values

  1. ACS (Consumer) URL Validator: [to be provided by Bolster]
  2. ACS (Consumer) URL: [to be provided by Bolster]
  3. Login URL: [to be provided by Bolster]
  4. SAML initiator: Service Provider

10- Switch to ‘SSO’ tab

11- Copy the following information from SSO tab and send to Bolster, these information are needed to setup SSO in Bolster system.

  1. X.509  Certificate
  2. Issuer URL
  3. SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)

12- Click on ‘Save’ button to save all settings.

13- This should conclude the configuration in customer’s OneLogin account. There may be other configurations to enable the ‘Bolster Platform’ application to users, but it’s not part of this documentation’s scope.