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Keep domain fraud under control with Bolster's automated fraud detection & takedown platform.
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24/7 monitoring of 1,000's of typosquatting instances across 1,500+ TLDs, all in real-time.
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Automate the takedown of fraudulent sites and typosquat domains in minutes.

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278% ROI According to Forrester's Independent Research Study


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60 seconds

Mean Time to Response (MTTR)


False-Positive Rate


Takedowns Without Manual Intervention

Continuous AI-Driven Monitoring & Detection

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Monitor your domain against threats and infringements with AI-driven detection and monitoring.

  • Ultra-fast AI-driven detection of lok-alike & typesquat domains, fake sites, phising & scam activity.
  • Applies AI plus enriched threat intel to continuously monitor & assess threat landscapes.
  • Automatic capabilities for zero-touch takedowns of malicious sites globally.
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Automated Takedowns

Automatic takedowns within minutes, not days.

Because of its speed to detect and analyze, Bolster takes down sites that are still in the build or pre-build stage (zero days) before they can cause harm. Bolster's automated search and analysis find, analyze, and remove sites within a few minutes.

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Out-of-the-Box Value

Bolster's zero code SecOps automation means no arduous implementation barriers to protecting your brand's digital attack surface. The solution works out of the box for automated monitoring of websites, domains, and app stores, AI-based detection of phishing and typosquat attacks, automated alert triaging, and automated threat remediation.

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