Bolster Customers Achieved 278% ROI, Forrester Study Reveals


Deploying a digital risk protection platform like Bolster can have expansive impact across an entire organization, however, quantifying that impact can prove difficult. Digital risk protection platforms protect organizations from an arrange of security risks such as phishing, scams, fraud, and impersonations but it is always tricky to measure the benefits. Beyond just reducing the overall security risks, the Bolster digital risk platform offers many business benefits such as saving defined budgets, boosting employee productivity, consolidating vendor tools, and helping organizations achieve measurable business value.

Understanding the benefits of a digital risk protection platform should always come from real life customer examples. Bolster commissioned market research firm Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study to better understand how Bolster helps customers achieve tangible business returns. Forrester conducted interviews to learn how the customer was handling their external attack surface management prior to Bolster and the effects of use of Bolster has been since deployment. From there, Forrester used real-world results to create a composite profile of a representational Bolster customer.

Savings on Web, Social, App Store, and Domain Management

Bolster offers a consistent experience across our platform to offer the easy detection and takedown of digital risks across any channel of an organization’s online business. Whether it be across the open web, social media platforms, app stores, or even the dark web, Bolster provides an easy management portal for customers to manage risks. In this study, the customer bought Bolster’s open web, social media, and app store protection and Bolster’s domain management for proactive security.

Forrester noted the following savings over the course of 3 years for Bolster customers:

· With Bolster’s automated takedown capabilities, the customer could achieve $1.4 million in recouped productivity costs that would have been otherwise spent on investigating and taking down internet threats

· With bolster’s domain management solution, the organization avoided $315,000 a year in defensive domain costs by strategically purchasing malicious domains recommended by Bolster based on cost and threat level.

· By leveraging just three of Bolster’s digital risk modules, the customer nets $615,000 in vendor consolidation costs of various threat intelligence and brand protection tools.

· In just the first year, customers can save $1.18 million in total costs avoided in attempting to build a similar solution to Bolster

Bolster Saved Time for Heavily Burdened Security Teams

In-house security teams often operate at a deficit and are burdened by a wide range of responsibilities. Detecting and taking down phishing campaigns and fraudulent activity online is not only challenging but takes time away from other critical security objectives. In this study, the Director of Engineering needed a way to manage and remediate fake domains without the time-consuming, manual review and mitigation processes the security engineers previously used.

Since deploying Bolster, the customer achieved considerable time savings with the automated takedown of phishing sites, executive impersonations, fake ads, and more. The customer went from having to spend approximately 10 hours of security staff hours per takedown to a completely zero-touch, automated approach.

Bolster Eliminated the Hefty Costs of Tool and Vendor Management

Managing fragmented tools in-house and using multiple vendors is not only costly but complex for already burdened security teams. Bolster helped the customer avoid the costs of tool and vendor management by outsourcing threat intelligence and cutting out vendors that were only providing marginal value.

Because Bolster offers high-fidelity threat intelligence built on AI models, the customer trusted Bolster to deliver the best detection on the market for malicious activity against their brand online. The threat intelligence coupled with Bolster’s comprehensive coverage of online business channels spanning web, social, app stores, and more made it an easy decision to consolidate their digital risk protection under one roof. Together, Bolster helped the customer achieve $1.6 million in savings from tool and vendor management.

Bolster Protects Against Data Breaches and Reputational Loss

While the Forrester TEI study focuses on tangible business benefits of deploying Bolster, it is important to note that the customer benefited from the unquantified costs of avoiding potential data breaches. According to Forrester data analysis and research, enterprises spend a median of 37 days and a mean of $2.4 million to find and recover from a data breach.

Should a customer suffer a data breach, the fallout is not just the costs of the breach but damage to their brand reputation and customer trust. The customer noted that Bolster helped protect the customer image by taking down fake sites and other misuses of the organization’s brand and logo, leading to fewer complaints on social media. Bolster customers are not only able to protect against costly data breaches but avoid reputational harm from online criticism.

Offering Both Business Savings and Digital Risk Protection

The goal of any organization is to purchase technology that helps protect against threats while delivering significant business value. Bolster offers an easy solution for organizations to achieve a zero-touch, consistent digital risk protection wherever they choose to their online business.

You can read the entire Forrester TEI study here to get the entire breakdown on Bolster’s costs savings and business benefits.