De-Risking Your Internet Attack Surface


More and more, threats to business and brands are occurring outside the traditional enterprise boundaries, on the Internet, away from the watchful eye of most security personnel and product. The threats are many, happening across what we refer to as the Internet Attack Surface. So, what exactly is the Internet Attack Surface and how best do you de-risk it?

Your Internet Attack Surface is unique, like your business. It comprises Internet typosquat domains, imitation websites, social media posts, app stores, and phishing email servers. Bad actors may use your logos, trademarks, or intellectual property to do everything from steal user credentials, sell counterfeit goods, or execute outright scams against your attack surface. The touch points across your Internet Attack Surface are many, and like your business, constantly changing.

Figure 1. Your Internet Attack Surface is complex and ever-changing

Assessing risks to your Internet Attack Surface can be a real challenge, given the scale and scope of the Internet, but it’s critical that you do so. According to research from our 2021 Phishing & Online Fraud Report there were 7 million new fraud and phishing sites created in 2020 representing a 73% increase from 2019. This translates to approximately 19,000 new fraud and phishing created every day! Making matters worse, if you’re like most businesses you’re spending less than 0.01% of your security budget to address these risks.

Discover & De-Risk Your Internet Attack Surface with Bolster

At Bolster, we can help. And a perfect place to start is with our free, no obligation, Domain Risk Report and Domain Acquisition Analysis. Combined, the risk report and acquisition analysis will help measure risks to your web presence and email capabilities and help you create an actionable plan to mitigate them.

Domain Risk Report: We’ll generate thousands of typosquatting variants based on your domain name and analyze each to see if they are active with A-records (web content) and/or MX-records (email capabilities). This will help you identify potential infringements and fraud campaigns currently underway.

Typosquat Domain Inventory Analysis: We’ll scan 3,000+ top-level domains globally to determine typosquatting variants that are available for purchase and the associated costs to acquire them. This will help you scope your overall your attack surface and equip you with the data to reduce it .

Figure 2: Bolster Domain Risk Report provides a comprehensive, global threat assessment

The Domain Risk Report and Domain Acquisition Analysis will provide a snapshot in time. Conditions will of course continue to change. So, while the data is valuable, it’s imperative that you put a plan in place moving forward that affords you with both the ongoing visibility to see emerging threats and the capabilities to mitigate them as they appear.

Add Services from Bolster for Ongoing Protection

With Domain Risk Report and Domain Acquisition Analysis in hand, and as a practical next step, consider Bolster’s Domain Risk Management solution comprising Domain Monitoring and Acquisition capabilities to protect against typosquat attacks and thwart brand impersonation and credential theft campaigns.

  1. Domain Monitoring: We’ll build off the Domain Risk Report to construct an online real-time dashboard with full visibility and interactivity. You’ll be able to easily identify active TLD, look-alike and typosquat variants, prioritize them based on threat level, and monitor them all for changes. You’ll be able to detect new registrations and monitor each for weaponization over time. All of this will allow you to get ahead of threatening conditions, taking critical remediation, including automated takedowns, before attacks occur.
  2. Defensive Domain Acquisition: Using the Domain Acquisition Analysis, we’ll help you adopt an acquisition strategy to help reduce your Internet Attack Surface. Our AI smarts will help you optimize spend where domain threats are most real and prevalent. Our capabilities have proven to reduce expenses by up to 90% vs. brute-force purchasing while focusing investments where risk is greatest.

Your Internet Attack Surface is too important to leave unprotected. Let us help you secure it.

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