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In the rapidly changing digital landscape, the cybersecurity community confronts a never-ending onslaught of phishing attacks. These attacks jeopardize not only individual security but also the integrity of organizations worldwide.

Presently, there are no effective, organized, and actionable resources on the market for Security Analysts to tackle phishing takedowns. Bolster’s CheckPhish Community is the new, sole place for security professionals to rely on, with access to free take-down resources and phishing kits.

At Bolster, we strive to provide our customers, and consumers at-large, with the access to cyber risk and defense knowledge they need to protect against digital threats. That’s why we’ve launched our CheckPhish Community Forum, which is open to all to join!

This blog post introduces our new community, a phishing forum specifically for cybersecurity professionals committed to eliminating phishing sites, phishing kits, registrars, and harmful activities on social media. By leveraging the collective power of our community, we can substantially reduce the impact of these threats.

Our community unites security experts to encourage collaboration, share knowledge, and act against phishing threats. Together, we strive to cleanse the internet of malicious hackers, and we know we can do this by equipping security professionals with top-notch resources for taking down phishing campaigns and phishing kits.

CheckPhish Community Phishing Forum Objectives

The CheckPhish Community is designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing for anyone interested in combating phishing attacks. Our community consists of subject matter experts, security researchers, and enthusiasts, who are all dedicated to identifying and mitigating evolving phishing threats.

Users can rely on the CheckPhish Community for three main objectives:

  1. Share Insights: Discuss and share insights, experiences, and best practices related to identifying, preventing, and mitigating phishing attacks.
  2. Seek Help: Seek guidance and expertise from community members on phishing-related topics.
  3. Stay Informed: Stay updated on the latest phishing trends, techniques, and countermeasures through insightful discussions and knowledge exchange.

How Do I Access the Community Forum?

You can navigate to the CheckPhish Community Forum from our Bolster website simply by going to the top navigation bar at and choosing “Community” from the “Resource” tab dropdown.

You can also access the CheckPhish Community Forum as a viewer by just visiting this link, which will let you read all topics; but you will not be able to post or reply with questions or comments.

Find the CheckPhish Community linked on our Bolster website

To get access to commenting, replying, posting new topics, as well as talking to other community members, you must create an account, which is available through “Sign Up” in the top right corner.

If you are not currently a registered community user, register for an account today! It’s free, it’s easy, and it can help continue your cyber-risk and phishing defense knowledge.

See where you can sign up for full access to the CheckPhish Community

What Will I Find There?

Once you are on the Community Forum homepage, finding what you need is easy.

Clicking on the categories such as Hosting Providers, Registars, Phishing Kits, Social Media will take you to view more conversations that are relevant to those specific topics.

You can also search for a specific topic from the search bar on the top right corner. Alternatively, you can find #tags of general topics you are interested in.

See where you can jump into a specific topic or category, or search for a topic in the upper right corner

Want to reply or add your valuable insights on the topic you want to participate in? Once you click into the forum topic, scroll down to the bottom and hit the “Reply” button, and share your thoughts!

CheckPhish Community users can participate in the conversations found on community pages

Don’t see a topic that is already in the community, and want to start it on your own? Go to the category of choice and click on “New Topic” to start one; you can also use tags (#phishing, #takedowns) to expand your reach of community audiences that might be looking to talk to the same topic as you.

Start new conversations on topics not previously discussed

Interacting With Bolster or Other Community Members

If you wish to interact with other community members and learn more about them, use Introduce Yourself. For product support, feedback, feature requests, or just casual conversations with the Bolster team, kindly use the Product Feedback or Product Support forums accordingly.

Join Us Today!

Visit the community today to get started. We look forward to connecting with you!