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Stop the Steal: How to Protect Your Business from Business Email Compromise

Our guide to Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks highlights the current landscape of email scams and phishing attacks, and how your business can better stop BEC threats at the source. Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • Early warning signs of BEC attacks & how they’re accelerated by AI
  • What most organizations are doing to prevent attacks (and why we need a proactive approach)
  • Why BEC scams still accounted for over 40% of successful social engineering attacks in 2023
  • How to stop BEC attacks early in the attack chain

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Business Email Compromise (BEC) is an exploit where attackers impersonate legitimate business emails to defraud employees, customers, and partners. The rise of AI has further exacerbated the problem, making BEC more widespread and impactful.

In 2023, the FBI reported BEC scams resulted in losses of $2.95 Billion, highlighting the need for businesses to evaluate their BEC detection and remediation process before damage is done. Download our latest whitepaper to learn how to stop attacks at the source.

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