Ensure Your Online
Communities & Platforms
are Safe for Your Users

Stop fraud, scams & on-platform abuses from
harming your online communities & customers
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Fraud Prevention - Online fraud erodes trust and safety
Fraud Prevention

Stop Phishing and Scams Automatically

Automate trust and safety from detection to remediation using AI. Bolster eliminates the need for trust & safety professionals to spend hours researching, analyzing, and documenting issues. Foster a trustful environment among your users by detecting and eliminating phishing, scam, and fraudulent content automatically.
Detection to remediation using Artificial Intelligence
Automatically Eliminate Fake Sites and Apps
Look alike sample Look alike sample

Bolster Fraud & Risk Platform

Stop Fake Sites & Apps from
Faking Out Your Users

Ensuring a safe and trustful environment extends beyond your platform to fake sites and mobile apps. Bolster detects and removes these from the Internet and app stores using AI and expert analysts to save you the time and headache of doing this manually.


Solution domain protection

Domain Protection

Use Bolster AI to Detect and Take Down Look-Alike and Fake Sites
Solution fraud prevention

Fraud Prevention

Eliminate Sites Using Your Brand to Commit Fraud
Solution app store monitoring

App Store Monitoring

Rapid Detection and Takedown of App Store Infringements
Person Person Person Person
My favorite thing about Bolster - I don't have to do a thing. No diverted employee time; no new hires; no setup; no admin. Plus there's full visibility into results and impact.
Devdatta Akhawe
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Perform Auto-takedowns in As Little As 2 Minutes

Bolster saves you hundreds of hours by gathering brand infringement evidence automatically and taking down phishing and fraud sites automatically in minutes. We also offer a team of takedown analysts that manage more complex takedowns or providers who are difficult to work with.

Gather evidence automatically

Gather evidence

API based takedown


Automatic submissions to global blocklists

Automatic submissions
to global blocklists

Recognized by anti-abuse authorities

Recognized by
anti-abuse authorities

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