Our AI isn't just a buzzword.

We built an industry-leading combination of deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning models to mimic how a person would look at, understand, and draw a verdict on a suspicious webpage.

Industry leading technologies

AI-powered Zero Day Phishing &
Counterfeit Website Detection

Bolster has pioneered an Artificial Intelligence based phishing and scam detection system. It learns from high quality proprietary datasets containing millions of image and text samples and performs detection with extremely high accuracy.

Deep Learning

Brings most accurate detection of brand hijacking based on deep analysis of image and text of the website.

Computer Vision

Fast image recognition algorithms that detect brand hijacking in just a few milliseconds.

Natural Language Processing

Understands the intent of the website based on the natural language content.

Threat Graph with 10 Billion Nodes

High quality proprietary threat intelligence collected over years adds important signals to the other AI models to amplify detection and accuracy.

How It Works

Reading site intent with NLP

Natural language processing models not only read through a page how a person would, but also read through all of the site code to understand the intent of a site.

Reading site intent with Natural Language Processing

Recognizing violated brands with computer vision

Our computer vision models look through a page for all relevant objects (images, text, and images of text) to classify the brand that is being infringed and the nature of the infringement.

Recognizing violated brands with computer vision

Making a verdict using deep learning

Finally, deep learning models bring together all of the outputs from the NLP and CV models to come to a verdict. Our deep learning models deliver verdicts for all popular scam categories from phishing to financial scams to illicit content.

Making a verdict using deep learning

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