Q1 FY 2020 State of Phishing & Online Fraud

Overall, the online landscape was extremely impacted by COVID-19 in Q1 2020. The pandemic armed cyber criminals with fodder and bait to create some of the largest spikes in online scams, misinformation, and phishing we’ve ever seen.

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Malicious scammers and bad actors follow the fear.

Fraud in the wake of COVID-19

In Q1 2020, Bolster saw approximately 4 million suspicious pages and over 850,000 confirmed phishing and counterfeit pages. Approximately 30 percent of the confirmed phishing and counterfeit pages were COVID-19 related and attempted to take advantage of consumers’ desire for information, supplies, and answers.

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About Bolster

Bolster builds AI/ML technology to protect regular citizens from bad actors on the internet. Your favorite brands from technology to eCommerce use our software to detect and takedown threats that might attack their customers, employees, or partners.

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