Webinar - Leverage AI to Protect Against Phishing and Typosquatting Attacks

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How do you protect your customers and employees from mounting phishing and typosquatting attacks? Criminals are banking on the fact that you can’t find, or keep pace, with these types of attacks leaving your business and brand exposed and vulnerable. Bolster protects against typosquatting attacks by leveraging the power of AI and automation to fight scale with scale. AI that combines deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing to detect threats and render ultra-fast verdicts. And, automation for zero-touch takedowns of malicious sites around the world.

Join Bolster’s CTO and co-founder Shashi Prakash for an in-depth discussion into the cutting-edge technologies that can help companies achieve proactive cyber defense. Learn how you can, identify and eliminate phishing and typosquatting threats before they do damage to your business and brand.

Some of the questions we will discuss:

  • Why is AI uniquely valuable addressing the explosion in typosquatting attacks?
  • What does it take to detect a typosquatting site and once discovered, how do you take it down?
  • How does automated site takedown shift the balance of power away from cyber criminals and back to companies?
  • What are real life examples of how companies have stopped these attacks before they were able to do damage?