2022 State of Phishing & Online Fraud Annual Report

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The 2022 State of Phishing and Online Fraud Report highlights the key trends driving digital scams across the internet. The report reveals an unprecedented level of fraud activity, spurred by the continuing growth of digital commerce, and both work-from-home and stay-at-home conditions. This has led to a dramatic expansion of companies’ external attack surfaces, exposing many to heightened risk and fraud.

Key findings:

  • Accelerated growth in online fraud globally. In 2021, the total number of phishing and counterfeit pages increased 0.55X over 2020 levels to a total of more than 10.5 million.
  • Threats soar on a daily basis. The average number of phishing and counterfeit pages detected per day in 2021 increased to over 29,000, up from 19,000 per day in 2020.
  • Fraudsters capitalize on explosive growth of digital-based services. Phishing and scam attacks more than quadrupled for the SaaS, Communications, Gaming, and Streaming industries in 2021.