2021 State of Phishing & Online Fraud Annual Report

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Our 2021 State of Phishing and Online Fraud Report highlights the key trends that drove digital scams using data gathered from analyzing more than one billion sites. A multitude of factors drove record growth in fraud campaign activity in 2020 with an increase of 185% from what was observed in 2019.

2020 saw an explosion of digital business as companies accelerated their digital transformation projects and transitioned to remote working and online distribution and sales channels. As digital business exploded, so did the online phishing and fraud activity, averaging more than 19,000 new threats being created daily.

Key findings:

  • 6.95 million new phishing and scam pages created
  • Highest number of new phishing and scam sites in one month: 206,310
  • Top three industries targeted: technology, retail, finance
  • Key themes used for scams: COVID, gift cards, gaming hacks