FY 2019 - State of Phishing & Online Counterfeiting

From 2018 to 2019, online counterfeiting grew by 27%. For most modern businesses, the menace caused by fraud and counterfeiting is inescapable. Hundreds of industries and thousands of brands were targeted in 2019.

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Fraudulent sites are on the rise.

Counterfeiting and customer phishing - a universal problem

In 2019, we detected and analyzed counterfeit and phishing websites targeting over 100 industries. Almost 50% of these attacks were targeting brands belonging to Finance, Software-as-a-Service, Online Streaming, E-Commerce, and Cryptocurrency industries.

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About Bolster

Bolster builds AI/ML technology to protect regular citizens from bad actors on the internet. Your favorite brands from technology to eCommerce use our software to detect and takedown threats that might attack their customers, employees, or partners.

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