Get ahead of the digital shoplifters.

As retail moves online, so do the shoplifters. Protect your brand and your revenue.

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"Bolster is one of the few security products where we get immediate visibility of counterfeit websites and more importantly, immediate response for takedowns. Their reporting and customer support are simply the best!"

Mark Weatherford
Booking Holdings

eCommerce’s counterfeiting problem.

eCommerce is the number #3 most online scammed industry. 942 new eCommerce counterfeit sites went live per day in 2019.

The total value of counterfeit products globally is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2020 - 2018 Global Brand Counterfeiting Report - Research & Markets

E-Commerce phishing sites per day in 2019

Now what?

Counterfeiters have put a dent in your revenue. Time to put a bigger dent in theirs.

Protect your shoppers. Bolster your brand.

When you partner with Bolster, you gain decades of cybersecurity and AI expertise. We’ll help you grow revenue and fight digital shoplifters.

Grow Revenue

  • Take down clone sites, trying to steal your customers
  • Take down gift card scams
  • Fight online counterfeiting, by taking unlicensed discount stores.

Decrease Fraud Costs

  • Identify and prevent account takeovers
  • Save on legal fees/takedown costs (~$250/site)
  • Decrease support resources dedicated to fraud investigation. (82% of consumers have stopped doing business due to bad customer service. Source: NewVoice)

Maintain Brand Loyalty

  • Preserve brand trust. (After being phished 42% of customers are less likely to interact with a brand. Source: Cloudmark)

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