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You’re protecting your employees, but who is protecting your customers?


"I really like how Bolster uses their image recognition to detect phishing sites. Despite a solid takedown offering, that isn't their only end-game. They are amazing at surfacing threat intelligence, so that we can prioritize threats and take the right corrective action. On top of the technology, they offer a great customer support experience."

Bill Harmon
Head of IP

In addition to protecting Uber's customers and employees, Bolster protects their drivers' electronic wallets.

Finance has a problem.

Finance is the number #1 most phished industry. 4986 phishing sites went live per day in 2019


It’s time to solve it.

Fraudsters have taken control of the banking industry’s reputation. Time to take back your bank’s reputation.

Secure your customer interactions.
Bolster your banking platform.

Partner with Bolster to:

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce fraud payouts
  • Identify compromised customers as they come to your site
  • Lower customer support costs

Strengthen Your Brand

  • Drive brand loyalty
    • Report on the amount of phishing sites taken down.
    • Market how your phishing levels compare to other top banks.

Decrease Fraud Risk

  • Proactively reduce fraud potential/risk

Drive Revenue

  • Get ahead of revenue loss by preventing fraudulent account creation

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