Your users shouldn’t have to think twice about logging in.

Remove friction from your user journey, before they even get to your site.

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"My favorite thing about Bolster - I don't have to do a thing. No diverted employee time; no new hires; no setup; no admin. Plus there's full visibility into results and impact."

Devdatta Akhawe
Director of Security Engineering

Trends in tech

Tech is the number #2 most phished industry. 4657 tech phishing sites went live per day in 2019. People have to think before logging into your platform.


What now?

Time to get ahead of the scammers.

Secure your users. Secure your platform.
Secure your brand.

Bring on Bolster to drive user growth, retention, and engagement, boost financials, and secure your platform’s trust, privacy, and brand.


Drive user growth

Your brand is correlated with user growth. Brand goes down, so do your top KPIs.

Drive DAU, WAU, and MAUs

If users feel less safe, then they won’t interact with your brand. Users will begin to be apprehensive with their login. They’ll stop logging in.

Prevent churn

82% of consumers have stopped doing business due to bad customer service. Source: NewVoice

Free up front-line support to stay focused on customer success and not fraud investigation.

Legitimate users can still be abusive

Posting adult or Illicit content negatively associates the content with your brand. If you don’t quarantine abusive users, then one new user can become 2+ users lost.

Brand, Trust, Safety, and Privacy

Preserve your brand
After being phished, 42 percent of customers are less likely to interact with a brand. (Source: Cloudmark). Though this blame might be misplaced, it still has negative impacts on your brand.

Prevent ‘runaway trust erosion'

Tech companies create an environment for person to person interaction. Messaging and sharing drive growth, but they also increase risk. One compromised user can compromise the experience of thousands.

Preserve platform privacy

Your users trust that what they put on your platform stays with you. If someone’s privacy is violated, then it can be impossible to get that feeling of privacy back.


Grow revenue
Tech is very competitive. Switching costs aren’t high. A bad experience can lead to missed revenue or revenue friction.

Lower employee costs

Save employee resources from front-line phishing detection and takedown.

Save money on takedown

DMCA Requests and take downs are time-consuming and expensive. Your legal/IP team has better things to do. Bolster takedown automation means better proof, in less time, for a faster and cheaper takedown.

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